Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today, I was out with Dave last night. We were going to meet up just for a quick drink, but you know how that always turns out...I didn't get home until 2 this morning!! Was pretty wrecked and had a really funny evening, as usual. Marie (we went to the Led Zeppelin night with her) came into the bar later on, we were chatting and she asked if I wanted to go for a drive with her at the weekend along the coast, she's got a camper van, so I think we're going to go tomorrow. After the pub we went to another bar to play some pool, not the best idea for me when I've been drinking, I got one lucky shot but that's about it, mind you I didn't get much of a chance, Dave is a brilliant player (he was on my side luckily). I met some more friends of his, one of them, Tamsin asked me to her birthday party next Friday, her little sister is singing there and she's supposed to be really good so I'm looking forward to that.
Work dragged quite a bit today, typical as I had a hangover. Actually my supervisor spoke to me yesterday and she apologised that they were giving me all the really boring jobs, she was worried that I'd end up leaving out of boredom, so next week they are going to sort that out for me.
I met Sue on Wednesday night, we ended up having a really great evening, she's really lovely and we've got a lot in common so we were gassing all night!! I'm meeting up with her again tomorrow night so we'll probably try and find some nice bars and maybe a club.
I finally got my haircut yesterday after about 3 months, it had got so long it was driving me mad. I went to Toni and Guy where an English guy cut it. He was a really good laugh actually, he was a real London geezer and was totally mad. I think I'm pleased with it, he cut some 'funky (so he called them) layers' in it, so it's quite a bit shorter....the real test will be when I try to style it myself. It was really funny cos we'd done so much of the same stuff, and he has family out here that he's staying with and never met before just like me, the difference is he's still living with them!
I've just been to one of my favourite shops here, I'm addicted to going in there, the CDs and DVDs are only $10, which is about 4 pounds, and they're all originals, they don't have the latest releases, but they are quite up to date, it's just too tempting!
The weather has been fantastic still, you wouldn't believe it's Autumn. It's been a bit muggy the last couple of days, but there's always a nice breeze which keeps you a bit cooler. I can't imagine it ever getting really cold here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Work is getting a little busier again today thank god, I've been so bored the last few days. It's not the most exciting of jobs, but the people are ok and at the end of the day, it's money!
I went to my first spinning cycle class last night...I was asking the girl on the bike next to me about the class and she said you've picked the hardest class, it's a real killer, which didn't really make me feel excited about doing it, so when the class started up I was knackered and out of breath after the first 5 mins, I'm suprised, but I managed the whole 45 mins, obviously I didn't put the resistance up on the bike too much, but it was still really hard, but I felt great afterwards (although very shaky). I got home and Satomi (housemate) had cooked us some Japanese food, it was called Okonomiyaki (like a pancake with vegetables and some sauce) I was a bit wary at first, but it was lovely and I ended up having seconds!! I said to her don't expect me to cook for you though, unless you don't mind baked potatoes and veg ;o)
I was up at 6.15 this morning to go to the gym and do another class, it was the Body combat class today, it wasn't as good as the Tai Bo class I used to do in Germany, but it was still a good workout. I'm going to try and do my gym in the mornings now, then it leaves me the evenings free. Actually I have been in agony this afternoon with my sciatica (god I sound like an old woman!) it just seems worse than normal today. I'm not sure what's causing it cos it's only really started up again since I've been working (I tend not to sit straight at work) and since I've been exercising. But it could have something to do with going to the gym and exercising like a maniac twice in 12 hours!!
I'm just off out to meet someone that worked where Sue (Grants wife) used to work. Sue sent me a mail saying that this girl was here from UK and didn't know anyone so would I like to contact her, she's actually called Sue too. So we're just going to go out for a coffee this evening.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I have now been away for nearly 11 weeks, I can't believe how quickly it's gone, I'm having such a fantastic time, thats probably why! Sometimes I still think wow, I'm really here, it's like a big dream. I'm really trying to see as much as I can...but there's so much here! I've started to plan my east coast trip, looking at my Lonely Planet guide to see where I fancy turns out I want to go everywhere...arghh!!
I'm really chuffed, Mum has booked her ticket to come over and see me ;o) She's not coming until December, so it's still ages away, and I'm not going to wish away the time, but I'm already really looking to seeing her. We'll stay here a couple of weeks and then head off to New Zealand at the beginnning of January, after a nice Christmas and New Year here.

Monday, April 25, 2005

I decided not to go to the Anzac Day dawn service this morning as I'd read in the paper that it started at 4.30am, far too early, so I had a bit of lie in and walked to Hyde park and watched some of the parade. It was quite touching, there were so many people along the streets cheering on the old war heroes. After that I went and sat by the water at the Anzac Memorial and waited til 12pm for the Commemoration service. I felt a bit bad cos I've never been to anything like that in the UK, but it was really interesting anyway, a lot of hymns were sung and prayers said. I felt really sorry for the young Australian army corps, they had to stand to attention by the water for the whole service, after a while they started dropping like flies, fainting all over the place, bless them.
After that I went to meet Matt so we could go to the rugby. I really enjoyed it, although most of the time I hadn't a clue what was going on! I was asking Matt a million questions! It was the first rugby league match I've seen, but I think I will go again. It was very Americanised, they had the cheer leaders and the mascots and the music whenever the home team scored a try, so it was a good atmosphere and the game got quite exciting towards the end...the away team the Dragons beat the Sydney Roosters 26 - 24.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

I saw Beyonce on Friday evening....well I saw her head anyway!! She was signing perfume at Myer (department store) I didn't stay too long as it was really packed and hot and sweaty, but I could see that she looks absolutely stunning in real life. So that was quite exciting.
I had a really good day yesterday, Todd picked me up at 9am to take me to some of the Northern beaches. First stop was to his friend Matt's house, where he cooked us breakfast, then we got in the car and headed out. We went to Summer Bay (where they film Home and Away) actually it's really called Palm beach, it was quite funny going there even though I didn't really watch the program, I still recognised the beach. I think the guys were a bit embarrased cos they had to ask the lifeguards which part of the beach it was filmed, I was laughing in the back at them!! The beach was lovely, there were hardly any people there, and the ones that were were mostly surfers. It was really cool watching them, Todd brought his surfboard, so I was watching him for a while, then Matt went in and had a go, apparently the waves weren't the best though. We sat on the beach for an hour or so and then we drove back down the coast through Dee Why, and into Newport where we stopped at the Newport Arms for a beer and some lunch. It was a lovely pub, and absolutely packed out, we sat overlooking the water which was really picturesque. After lunch we stopped off at another view point, we could see about 4 different beaches from there, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking...this is what Australia is all about!! On the way home we dropped Matt off back home in Manly, then Todd and I walked down to Manly beach, which again was great, there were lots of volleyball tournaments going on, Todd wanted to stop and watch the womens' game, and I wanted to watch the guys!!! So we looked around Manly for a while, then as it was getting late, we decided to head off home to get ready for the nights activities! I had such a great day, I can't believe how many different beaches I've already seen, I'm definitely going back to Manly on the ferry from Sydney harbour, it's supposed to be a really great trip.
So, last night I jumped on the bus to Coogee (where Todd lives) and we went to his friend's flat to have a few drinks before we went out. There was a British couple and a few Aussies, they seemed really nice. After a couple of drinks we headed out to Kings Cross (red light district) so I was a bit wary, but we went to a really cool club called Moulin Rouge. Actually, it wasn't really my kind of place, the music was pretty cool, but absolutely everyone bar me was off their heads on drugs (it was that kind of place) but I kept up with them all by dancing for about 4 hours until 2.30, then I decided I'd done my best, but it was time to go to bed as it'd been a long day!
I actually managed to sleep until 11.30 today....woohoooo...longest lie in for ages and ages, I must have been tired! Actually I spoke to my landlord the other day and nicely asked him to keep the noise down in the morning....he apologised and said he didn't realise, but then I mentioned the hoovering at 9am on a Sunday, and he said, sorry, you'll have to put up with that or go to bed early....charming! I'll have to hide the hoover I think!
I had a lovely day today, I took a walk to Mrs Macquaries Chair, which is an excellent viewpoint to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, I took a few pics there, then I headed back to the Royal Botanical gardens, and I must say they are the best botanical gardens I've ever been to, I was there for about 3 hours, they are massive! There are loads of bats that live there in the trees, I was quite suprised to see so many of them, there were hundreds hanging upside down, and these aren't the small ones, they're massive, they are called flying foxes, I even looked through a telescope to see them close up. I saw 3 different weddings in the gardens, what a fantastic place to have a wedding. On my way back home I was walking past a cafe and I saw Jess (Grants daughter) and Kath, so I went and said hi, they were really suprised to see me, it was nice to see them again.
I think I'm going to take it easy tonight, I'm looking forward to the rugby game tomorrow, and then playing 2 up afterwards ;o)
Ok, so I've gone on quite a bit now, I'll stop talking now!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The weather has been beautiful here, well apart from yesterday, I hope it stays like this for the weekend,, we’ve got a long one coming up as it's Anzac day on Monday. This is good in one way, but unfortunately I realised last night, that cos I'm temping I won't actually get paid for it :-(
Apparently everyone gathers on Monday morning for the Dawn Service which is held at Martin Place in the city, they say that normally 20,000 people attend, then it's the Parade where all the ex-servicemen wear their medals and march to the closest war memorial (which as it happens is just over the road from my place!)
After that everyone gets the beers out and gets drunk! It's a big tradition that everyone plays '2 up' involving betting on which way up the coins land (normally this is illegal here, but for Anzac day it's ok)
So I'm going to attempt to get out of bed so I can see all this for myself. Later on I'm going to the rugby with Matt (we didn't make it last week as planned) It's a traditional Anzac day rugby league game between the Sydney Roosters and the St George/Illawarra Dragons, so it should be a good first game to watch.
I’ve just received some info about the boot camp, ohmigod…read this

The instructors will select activities including running, jumping, carrying and callisthenics that will push you beyond your comfort zone to intensity where you will feel you are achieving true results.

I’m really scared now!!
Went to ‘my local’ ;o) after work yesterday, met lots more of Dave’s group of friends, there are some very interesting characters that’s for sure, but they’re all really lovely and friendly.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nothing much to tell since Sunday really. I made it to the gym last night and did a pilates class which I really enjoyed, then I went again tonight to a step class, but I didn't realise it was going to be hard!! the choreography was just too much for me so I bailed out half way through (along with 4 other people I might add!) and went on the bicycles.
My flatmate Satomi has now moved in, she has very strange working hours, so my sleeping pattern isn't getting better at all, it's starting to really frustrate me now....I know you all think I'm moaning, but I need my sleep! I've got him upstairs in the morning, and Satomi late at night...or really early, I can't win!! anyway, enough of my whinging again...thats about all I've got to say tonight....until next time...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I saw the worst film last night, it was called Guess Who, I do not recommend it at all, actually I left before it had even finished... it was that bad! I met up with Todd and his friend after that, I didn't get out until 11pm, but I made up for lost time and had a great evening. We actually went to the same club that I was in last Friday (the one I couldn't remember!) it all started coming back to me after I saw it again!! We were drinking and dancing until about 4am so I'm knackered today, we had such good fun though so it was worth it. My landlord decided to do the hoovering at 9 this morning....aarghhh!!
I went to meet Dave at his flat this afternoon and then we had a nice walk to Woolloomooloo (yes that is spelt right) Bay. We were going to walk through the botanical gardens, but we decided to get some food and a glass of wine instead as I was starving. We had a nice fun afternoon, I was going to use a payphone to phone Mum up, but he kindly said I could use his phone as he was going out, so I've just had a nice long chat with Mum. I'm off back to the flat in a bit and going to watch some TV and relax, ready for work tomorrow!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm feeling really grumpy and tired you've probably guessed from previous blogs, one of my pet hates is to be woken up early when I'm trying to sleep, well I have 4 words....washing machine... very early!! I am going to have to say something soon, I thought my landlord would be a bit more considerate on a weekend, obviously not, it was especially annoying as I was out last night till 1.30! not happy :-(
Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest!! I had a great night again last night, I met some of the people who I'd met in the pub last Friday night, then one of the guys, Dave said his friend could get us into a really popular bar down by Circular Quay, they had a Led Zeppelin tribute night going on. I was a bit dubious at first, but it turns out the bands were excellent. We were sat right at the front, but unfortunately it was right by the bass speaker...we had to move after a while cos we thought our ears would start bleeding!! I was telling Dave about all the places I've travelled to and he was really jealous, he's only ever been to Edinburgh outside of Australia (both his parents are Scottish). It actually turned out to be quite a long list, I forgot about how many places I have actually been to...lucky me!!
I've just seen on the news 2 men were shot and killed in a drive-by shooting late last night at the Rocks, which is quite near where we were! Actually in the taxis here the drivers have a sort of screen wrapped round them to stop them getting attacked, they look very strange, I've never seen that before, not even in London.
I also saw there was a shark attack at Bronte beach today (just south of Bondi) the surfer had to fight it off with his surfboard but luckily the shark only bit into the board....sends a shiver down my spine!
I'm just going to go to the cinema I think now, then I may join the others at the pub later.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I've had a really good week, although I'm still glad it's Friday! I got a chance to phone my brother last night, we haven't really spoken on the phone since I left England and it was his birthday, so I was desperate to speak to him!! We had a great chat, we were both talking 100 miles an hour!! It does get to me not being able to phone people when I want, so I hope my landlord sorts the phone out soon.
I met up with Todd last night (friend of a friend) we hadn't met before, only spoken via email. I had a really nice evening, we went to a couple of bars in a part of the city I hadn't been before, so it was great. He's from New Zealand and is a really nice guy, he's invited me to a few parties over the coming weeks which I'm looking forward to. So I was pretty tired at work today what with going out and my landlord waking me up at all hours....I tell you I'm getting a bit annoyed now, yesterday morning it was the washing machine at 7am (it's in the cellar right under my bedroom and you can hear everything) then this morning he was running up and down the stairs to the cellar with a portable radio, I said to myself 'what now??' and I'm not sure if he heard me cos he disappeared after that and I didn't hear a peep, like I said you can hear everything....oops!!
Work is still going ok, I've been kept quiet busy. I was doing my timesheet today (the most important job) and they told me I'd actually gone over the hours I should have done, I was told that it was 9-5 with a half hour lunch break so that's what I'd been doing, but it turns out the agency got it wrong (again) and it should be an hour break. I'm a bit gutted cos thats 2.5 hours less a week to get paid, but then again, it'll make the day go quicker. I can go home too cos it's only a 5 minute walk so I guess I'll save on lunch money.
Had a text from Matthew (Grants son) last night, he's asked me if I want to go and see a rugby league game on Sunday, it's Manly v Canberra. I really want to see if I can get into this rugby lark as it's so popular here....I guess if I get bored I can always go to the beach (don't tell Matthew I said that!!)
I've just signed up for the boot camp...aargh, don't know what I'm letting myself in for...oh well, too late now!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Work actually hasn't been too bad the last couple of days, I'm settling in well now, and I've been given a variety of stuff to do. They gave me the details of the project I've got to support yesterday, it's to do with the Teacher Quality Awards for New South Wales, it's going to keep me really busy which is great news!! The women there make me laugh (it's female dominated) they're always disagreeing with each other....and the team assistant is a bit of a dragon, makes me realise how lucky my team were at HP to have me as their assistant!!! ;o) I got my first pay packet today, wohooo!! I can pay 2 weeks rent with it just for working 2.5 days, so I'm well chuffed with makes it all worthwhile!
I managed to catch up with my washing last night, I was running out of clothes....mind you saying that there was another reason for that.... I'd been accidently putting some of my washing in my rubbish bag instead of my laundry bag, luckily I looked in the bag just before I threw it out ..I guess I shouldn't leave the bags close together (or I should buy a little bin)
I only just found out that they were filming for the new Superman film at the main train station here over the last weekend, apparently they shut it all down (which is a bit like shutting down Marienplatz) I can't believe I missed it, I could have been an extra or something! Not sure who is playing Superman though.
I went to the gym last night, it was awful, I've never seen somewhere so busy, there weren't even any lockers left in the changing rooms, and it was only 5.30pm, I had to wait for 10 mins, then it was a 20 mins limit on the CV machines, and you couldn't get on the weight machines for love nor money, I'm starting to regret joining now as thats really the only time I can go...unless I do this boot camp of course! I also had time to watch a bit of TV, I saw the OC which I haven't seen for ;o)

Monday, April 11, 2005

First day in my new job today, nothing exciting to tell there really! everyone that works there is old, there's noone anywhere near my age which is rubbish and they seem a bit scatty like they don't know what they're doing....I spent ages doing nothing, but suprisingly the day went pretty quick. I found out that the woman I'm reporting to actually knows my landlord!
I had a good night at Sue and Grant's last night, they had the whole family round again, so there wasn't a quiet moment. I was waiting for my bus home with Matt and Sophie when we heard a really loud buzzing sound, then something fell to the floor with a thud, turns out it was a possum, they like to walk on the electric wires and they often get electricuted...poor thing. I actually met a couple of lads from Essex at the bus stop, they have been in Sydney for 2 months and they're off to Cairns on Wednesday, I'm supposed to be going out with them and their friends tomorrow night.
I've just got back from the cinema, Matt and his friend got some free passes for the premiere of The Interpreteur so they asked me to go with them, it was good film, very long though. It amazes me how laid back the Ozzies are, everytime I've been to the cinema here they just chat to each other during the film and noone cares... and there was one guy tonight having a long chat on his mobile phone and noone says's mad!
Not really looking forward to work tomorrow, I hope I sleep a bit better tonight, last night was a bit restless as I was a bit nervous, also I keep finding cockroaches in my bedroom which makes me a bit uneasy....just when I think I've killed one then the next night another one appears, I'll have to sort that out somehow!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Had a bit of a mad night on Friday....I'm still recovering now! I made myself get dressed up and headed into town, I ended up in a bar, got myself a glass of wine and within 10 minutes I was sitting with a group of Ozzies! There were 5 of them, the guy that came over to talk to me first and then a few other guys and a girl. They were really nice and friendly. One of them was making me laugh, he was so full of it, he'd been there, done that, met U2 etc etc, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff he was coming out with, I started to get a bit worried that I was sitting with a complete lunatic, but the others seemed normal so I stayed with them. After a few drinks, we all went to the club upstairs as there was a band playing, they are an Australian band called Thirsty Merc, they were really cool, I loved their music....and we got in for free too!!
When they'd finished playing we went back downstairs and met a few of their other friends, and then it was onto a nightclub. I've got no idea what it was called or where it was, but it was a great place and I met loads of people, it was worth the hangover yesterday, although cos I hadn't been out like that for ages I did feel really bad, I couldn't get out of bed until about 7.30 last night, I had to force myself eat to something....not good. Actually my landlord figured I wasn't feeling too good and cooked some extra seafood risotto for me, it's still in my fridge though, I couldn't have faced eating that yesterday!! I'm glad my TV is sorted out now otherwise I'd have been really bored, I watched the Royal Wedding coverage last night, but I missed the end of the blessing cos I couldn't keep my eyes open! I've had a couple of calls from one of the guys from Friday, seeing if I wanted to meet up with them this weekend, as I'm off to Grant and Sue's in a bit, I'll maybe meet up with them next week sometime. I'm also going to be meeting up with Todd, a friend of a friend next week, we've written a couple of emails and he seems like a nice guy.
Starting my new job tomorrow, I'm a little nervous, I hope it'll be ok!

Friday, April 08, 2005

So I start work on Monday...booo!! I got the job ;o) it's working for the Dept of Education, it involves admin work and also helping with projects. I didn't have an interview, so I've no idea what the people are like, fingers crossed it'll be ok as it's until the end of June.
I went up the Sydney tower today, I thought I'd make the most of it as it's been a really clear day. They start you off by doing the Skytour, which is basically telling you the history of the country, then you go on a virtual reality ride where you get thrown around on your chairs, the film takes you water rafting, under the water and to the outback. After that it was up to the top of the tower, it's actually one of the safest buildings in the world, it took them nearly 10 years to finish constructing it. The views from it are amazing, the tower takes you 250 metres above the Sydney skyline so you have excellent views of the harbour and all around.....I saw the road where I live too! I've attached the website link on the right so you can have a look if you like.
I had a call from my gym today, I'm thinking of doing one of their boot camps. I read about them in magazines ages ago, and wanted to do one, but I've never seen one until now. It involves getting to the Quay for 6am, 3 mornings a week for 4 weeks, and each session lasts 75 mins...rain or shine! It sounds like really really hard work as it's army training oriented, but the end results should be good and it's also a chance to meet people. I've got until Monday to decide if I want to punish myself with this!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I had a well deserved day off today...hahaa, just kidding, it was nice to sleep till 9 though!! My work finished yesterday, the day was a bit better than the previous days, but still a bit boring. I actually went for another job interview yesterday lunch time, the agency phoned me this morning to tell me that I was the best candidate for the job and they really wanted to take me on, but they will more than likely need someone for longer than 3 months, which I can't do because of my visa. It annoyed me actually cos the client didn't tell the agency that, so it was a waste of my time, although I guess it's good experience to have the interview, and it gave me a bit of confidence knowing that I was the favourite. Anyway, my consultant told me about another position that might suit me, so I'm going to go for that one, it's even closer to where I'm living too, which is going to be very handy, and also it's only working 9-5 which is great!! I should hear about that tomorrow anyway.
So I finally got to the gym this morning, it was the first time I've been to the one in the city, I felt a bit left out....there were hardly any westerners there, there are so many Asians living here! Had a really good workout and I even had a sauna, it was nothing like the saunas in Germany though, I was in there for 10 mins before I even broke out into a sweat!!
On my way home I walked through Hyde Park and I saw my first possum (well I think it was a possum!) it was in a tree, I hope I'm right otherwise that is going to sound a bit stupid! There are all sorts of weird birds in the park too, they seem a bit scary to me!
I went shopping again this afternoon, I must stop doing that...I ended up buying a bikini....well it was in the sale, and a couple more tops. I've found this really great shop that sells bargain clothes, I must have bought at least 10 tops there already!
I now must plan my travel through Australia, I have to sit down and think where I really want to go. I'm going to work for 3 months, then take off for a while, then come back to Sydney and maybe work for a bit longer...we'll see.
Ooh, I've just remembered, another part of my shopping trip was buying a ticket to see Kylie's concert in May....hahaa ;o) I just had to do it, I'm really looking forward to it!!
Just had to sign on again...I keep forgetting to write stuff. The Japanese girl came round to see the flat again tonight, she's really nice and she's going to be moving in next Saturday, so that'll give me a bit of company.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It was really tough getting up at 7.30 to go to work this morning, I've been a lady of leisure for so long, I've forgotten what real life is about!! What another boring day, it was a bit different than yesterday, but not much better....I had a list of about 300 people to phone asking all of them the same thing, whether they were coming to the launch on Thursday night, half of them I couldn't get hold of, and half of them said they weren't coming. My neck is aching from being in the same position all day....and I was sick of hearing my own voice, I couldn't wait to get off the bloomin phone! I definitely could not do a telesales job. I forgot to say yesterday, the building I'm working at is really cool, we're on the 23rd floor and it's got the best view of Sydney harbour. I have to go back tomorrow too to finish off the phone calls, great, I can't wait!!
I'm settling into my new home now, my landlord says the television guy should come to sort out the ariel on Thursday which I can't wait for...I had to buy 2 books yesterday to give me something to do at night, mind you saying that, the last 2 days I haven't really had much time to do anything, even go to the gym. Also, he interviewed a Japanese lady to move into the other room and she's coming round tomorrow evening so I can meet her, I hope she's my age and we get on ok.
I've just been to my normal internet cafe and the computers are not working, so he sent me down the road...this one is so much cheaper, I think I'll come here from now on (having to watch every penny!)....they're going to regret telling people to come here.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I've just done my first days work since just before Christmas and I'm exhausted! Well it was only 5 hours, but who's counting!! I was phoning up the agencies this morning, and one of them phoned me back with this job. It is working for Austrade, which is a part of the Australian Government, they have a big launch on Thursday night to do with the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth games, and they needed someone to help with getting the promotional items organised. It was pretty boring work mind, basically I just had to count all the gear in the boxes like a stocktake and write up my findings, it was quite a manual job as I had to lift all these boxes to get to the next ones! It's only 2 days work, but tomorrow I will be on the phone following up on which people will attend the event, so hopefully it'll be a bit more interesting. The girls there were really nice and friendly so it wasn't a bad day, and the pay was pretty good which is most important!!
oh and it's been raining again all day...this weather is very strange!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I finally got to Bondi beach today, wahey!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend, so I thought I'd make the most of it. The beach actually wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but it looked great and it was good to be able to watch all the surfers. I got down there pretty early and it wasn't so busy then, but later on it started to get really packed. At one point I decided to go in the water, but it wasn't as inviting as it was absolutely freezing, I only got as far as my knees! I started to get a bit restless after a few hours, so I bought an ice cream and had a walk around, it's a really cool place and there are loads of bars and restaurants around, I guess it would be good to go there in the evening. It's really handy to get there from my new home too, it's only 25 mins on the bus....but I guess I'll have to wait until the summer now.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

New home....
I moved into my new place today. Packing didn't take too long, even though since I've been in Australia I've accumulated about twice the amount of stuff I originally brought with me!! We got to the house about midday, Grant helped with moving of some furniture (which he got roped into!) I'm feeling a bit jaded today, I just feel like I've moved so many times over the last few months, and it's just something new to get used to again...until the next time. The house is really nice, it's clean and my room is a reasonable size, although I have to get used to sleeping in a single bed again! I'm lucky Sue and Grant lent me their CD player until I'm sorted out, cos otherwise I think I would go out of my mind! The location is great, I'm right in the city next to Hyde Park, and there are shops nearby and even a supermarket that's open until midnight 7 days a week. I've unpacked all my stuff now, and thought I'd venture out into the city tonight. I'll probably only go to the cinema, my landlord warned me about walking in certain areas, so I've got to be a bit's weird cos I'm so used to living in Munich and not having to worry about things like that. So, yes I'm feeling lonely and missing my family and friends something rotten, but just give me a few days and I'm sure I'll be on top form again ;o) I'm going to Bondi beach tomorrow so I'm sure that'll cheer me up no's really hot, it's gonna be 32 last!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

I had a good day again yesterday. I went to another recruitment agency to sign up, and they said there is a chance of some work coming up next week. The girls were really nice and friendly there, I think it was the best agency I've been to yet, I even got a good tip on where to buy some 'corporate' work clothes, so of course I went there after and had a look! It was a factory outlet place for one of the good department stores here. I could have actually bought the whole shop, they had some great stuff there and at really good prices. In the end though I had to limit myself...I bought 2 jackets, a pair of trousers and a skirt...all for under 80 pounds...bargain, I'm going to have to go back there sometime!!
When I got back, we went to pick up Sue from work and then went for a quick dinner at an Italian before going to the North Sydney Boys High school (which is where Sue and Grants son goes) to watch a concert. I didn't really know what to expect, but I ended up having a really good night. The school has 3 jazz bands, and the advanced one played last night, they played the first few songs and I was really impressed, the music was really cool. Then their special guest James Morrison came on stage, he's really well known here and has played the Sydney opera house amongst other venues. After the interval the boys band left the stage and James Morrison played with his band. I did enjoy this, but I actually preferred the first half best. Actually the drummer was very good and at one point when he was doing his drum solo he walked off the stage and was actually drumming on the stage, on the walls, and everywhere else, that was very enjoyable!!
It was a bit of a late night last night, and I'd drunk a few wines, so I was feeling a bit groggy this morning. I got up earlyish and went to the gym and did a yoga class thinking it would be quite relaxing....of course it wasn't at all, it was very hard work, but I felt better afterwards. I've just been sat in the back garden all afternoon, it's a gorgeous day, and it's supposed to be carrying on like this for the whole weekend, so maybe I'll get to see the beach on Sunday, at long last ;o)