Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm suffering a bit today, Jason and I went to a party at a friends up on the northern beaches on Saturday night. It was good fun, it was a bit different as they were people we don't normally hang out with. It turned into a big night and I drunk a lot of wine and we didn't get to bed til 4am, the latest I've been out in a long time. Luckily we could stay over so we got a bit of a lie-in. The view from their balcony was amazing, you could see the beach and the skies were really blue, it was just like being on holidays. I had a bit of a flashback in the morning though, I remembered that we'd been singing karaoke on the playstation...yikes! So needless to say, yesterday was a bit of a right-off. I think the hangover affected us more cos we aren't used to drinking a lot, my boss said I told you not drinking isn't good for you!
Apart from that, been doing weddingy type things. I found out that to get my hair and make-up done at the hotel for our wedding would cost $500, and that doesn't even include a trial! so when I had my make up done the other week, she suggested that I get make-up lessons so I can learn how to do it properly myself, so I had my first one on Saturday. It was quite good really, she did a bit on one side of my face, then I had to copy on the other side. I learnt lots of really neat tricks, and she said I taught her a couple of things too....she even said she like the way I did my eyes better than hers! I learnt how to make my lips look a bit pouty too which I'm really chuffed about...I bought that piece of make-up straight away! I must admit, I would like to be pampered on my wedding day, but I'm not paying $500, plus it's not a good idea to have it done without a trial. Now I just need to find someone to do my hair!
Things are hotting up here for the APEC conferences next week, it's going to be a total nightmare...I work right where the conferences are taking place, so we are going to be under extremely tight security. We have been seeing police helicoptors outside our windows flying in between the buildings. Luckily they have declared the Friday a public holiday, but we still have to attempt to get to work for the rest of the week. Apparently it's costing us taxpayers over $200 million...ridiculous! they are taking some of the animals from Taronga zoo to another island so the wives of the politicians can see them without all the crowds!
I think I forgot to say also that my work has extended my contract until the end of Jan next year, which is perfect as I can work right up until we leave for Thailand, so I don't have the extra stress of looking for work before. Mind you, I'll have to search when I get back, but I'm not going to worry about that until it happens. Roxanne may not even be back by then, so we'll see. She decided she wanted to spend more time at home with her daughter.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jason's parents went home today, I can't believe the 10 days went so quickly. We had a really nice time with them, it was nice to have them around. They pretty much looked after themselves during the week and we just cooked some nice dinners in the evening. They brought us a great toasted sandwich maker for letting them stay which I can't wait to use!
On Friday night, Jason and I met up with my really good friends Andy and Nicola, who I know from Munich. They finally arrived in Sydney in the week. It was really great to catch up with them as it'd been such a long time, they were telling us all their travelling adventures, was a lovely evening. When they get themselves sorted with work etc, we'll be able to catch up a bit more. Hopefully we'll do the Oktoberfest at the Lowenbrau like last year.
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On Saturday Jason's Mum just wanted to have a look in the shopping mall, so we had a quick look around there. In the evening we went for a nice Mexican dinner and a few drinks.
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Yesterday the weather was pretty appalling, we had planned to go to the Blue Mountains, but of course because it was raining we had to give it a miss. We went to Paddys markets first, then we saw the Flying Scotsman at the cinema, which was a really good film about a Scottish cyclist.
I made a horrible discovery over this last week, I noticed there were a couple of maggoty type bugs on our kitchen ceiling...naturally I freaked out and Jason came and got them. Anyway, the next day there were a couple more appeared, so I phoned up the rental agent (who said it wasn't an emergency) so again, Jason moved them into a plastic pot so when the pest controller hopefully came we could show him. Anyway, half an hour later there were some more. At this point Jason's mum and dad said they may be weevils (what in the hell are weevils was my response!) apparently they grow in pasta and rice and flour. So we started searching through all the packets of stuff, and sure enough in the packet of rice there were all these disgusting creatures (Jason didn't show it to me though because I would have gone mental) and they had spread to the other packets of stuff so we ended up throwing practically everything out. I can't believe these things exist, I"ve never heard of them and I told Mum off for never telling me about them! I didn't realise you have to keep an eye on these foods and make sure they are sealed away and to use them before they get too old. They turn into moths too, now I know why we were having a problem with the moths!! So now, I'm a bit stuck cos I can't face eating anything like pasta or rice (I hope I haven't put anyone off) what the heck am I going to eat now!! the thought of it makes me feel ill!

Anyway, I'd better sign off on a nice note. Here is a few pictures of my speedily growing nephew Hugo with the teddy bear I sent over, he's grabbing stuff and as you can see picking things up now...he's so cute.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

What a great day yesterday was! I'm pleased to say I completed the City to Surf 14km run in just under 2 hours. I ran most of the way (just walking up the really steep hill) I really didn't think I'd be able to do it...just shows you what you can do if you put your mind to it. I started off the first half with Jason's Mum, Claire, when we got to the top of Heartbreak hill (the really steep hill) we couldn't believe we'd already ran 7km. So after that my competitive nature kicked in and I wanted to try and get a good time, so I ran off ahead of her. After the hill it was pretty much downhill which was good, I was flying past lots of people, I had so much motivation in me, god knows where it came from, but I wasn't puffed out one bit during the run, I hate to say it, but it was almost easy...nothing like I expected. I think it helps when there are loads of people running with you, if I was on my own, I'm sure I wouldn't have done half as well. There was 65,000 people competing on the day, so you were never alone!
When we first got to the city at 7.30am it was pretty quiet, we met up with my work colleagues to have a team picture taken, then after a half hour queue for the loo, we got ready for the start. You can't run for ages at the beginning though cos there are so many people walking and with pushchairs, it's a bit of an obstacle course, in fact for most of the race it's like that! We left approx 9.15am and it was getting quite warm even then..I think the temperature was 22 degrees yesterday. Luckily there were lots of drinks stops, and some people in their gardens with hoses spraying water over everyone which was a nice cool down. There were some people dressed up in outrageous costumes, there were a couple of Borat's in that fetching green swimming costume...I bet they got a lot of chafing!! I was quite emotional when I crossed the finish line, it was such a big achievement for me, I'm not a runner and I never dreamed I could run it all, trouble is there was noone there to give me a congratulatory hug at the end as Jason had gone on ahead :-( We will find out our exact times tomorrow in the newspaper, Jason did approx 1hr 45mins. So yesterday evening to celebrate, we went for a few drinks down the pub, I had my first glass of wine since 5 weeks and a huge pizza which was very nice! Feeling a bit exhausted today and I'm aching more as the day goes on!
So that's about it really. Jason's Mum and Dad arrived with us on Friday evening so we've been entertaining them since. It's been really nice to see them again.
Here are some pics from yesterday
Jason, me, Bruce and Claire
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Me with my work colleagues
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start of the race
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Jase and me with our medals
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's been another busy weekend. Friday after work we had a mid-year soiree, I didn't stay long though because I wanted to get back home pretty early as I still had my college assignment to complete...I've really been putting it off. It was supposed to be in a couple of weeks ago, but I got an extension until this Wednesday. Anyway, of course I didn't get it done on Friday, by the time I got home I was tired and it was gone 9pm. So I ended up getting up early on Saturday morning to get a good start on it, which I did, it was a lot of work though. Had to leave at 11 for our appointment with the accountant...had some good news there, I got some tax back which will go nicely towards our wedding. Then it was back home again for lunch, then Di picked me up, she wanted me to help her out with her portfolio (she's in advertising) I had to have my photos taken with one side of my hair straight and one side curly. It was for a hot chocolate advert, so the idea was that I stopped halfway through doing my hair because I couldn't wait for my hot chocolate. I felt like a right berk, I had to act like I was really enjoying the drink and say mmmm loads and smile while I was having my pics taken by her photographer mates, very embarrassing! Anyway, it took about 2 hours to get done, but we got there in the end. Then I had to rush back and get the groceries, then I got back and nearly finished off my assignment. We ended up staying in again last night.
Today we were up early again and we went for a run at Centennial Park. I was so pleased with myself, I ran 7km, which is the most I've ever done, it took me 45 minutes. I have to say I was absolutely done in after, I don't think I can run the whole 14km, and the run is next Sunday, so it doesn't give me much time, I'll just see what I can do.
So after recovering from that, I met up with Sue at the mall. We wanted to have a last look at some more bridesmaid dresses, but because of the season, there aren't really any summery dresses about yet. I had a make up trial so I could get some ideas for the wedding. It was really good and very imformative, I learnt some new tricks. I also spent a fair bit of money! It was funny because she did one eye one colour, and the other eye another reminded me of yesterday with two different hairstyles! It was good that she did that though so I could have two different looks to decide from. I think I've decided on the colours I like now. That took about 2 hours, so we both went home after that. Jason went to a concert tonight, so I've just been watching my Sunday night TV, my favourite night, but all the final parts have been on, so I don't know what I'm going to do next Sunday! Right, I'm off to bed now.