Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've just upgraded my blogsite, let's hope I can still use it and I don't accidently delete this!
Had a great weekend, we had the day off on Friday for Australia day so we had a long one. On Friday I had to give Jason his birthday suprise...tickets to the Killers concert that night. It was so funny, he was so shocked, but really pleased and happy, I'm so glad I bought them for us. I've had them for months and had been dying to tell him about them! We had a great time at the concert, the band were great. We met up with a colleague of Jason's and his wife, they were really nice and we all had a good laugh. After that we met up with a few of the gang in Coogee for a drink (my first glass of wine in a month!) It was so nice to have some wine, I really missed it! Saturday we didn't do too much, but in the evening we went to the city for some dinner. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant, and then to a dodgy 80s club called Retro. It was great to listen to all the music from my teens again..I love it.
Sunday was Jason's birthday so I made him breakfast in bed, then he opened his presents. I bought him a nice shirt, a book about wine and some boardies. In the afternoon, he went for his Swedish god massage with the voucher I'd bought him for Christmas, so he had a pretty good day! At about 4pm we walked down to Coogee to meet everyone, we had a nice evening. I love Sunday nights as they are a lot less full on, everyone's more chilled out.
Back to the gym yesterday morning, and then work which is really busy again, getting a bit stressed again, too much to do! We've just had a game of badminton with Linn and Martin. I really enjoyed it, it's much better playing doubles, and we are all the same level which is good. We won 2 games each. I think we will make it a regular occurance!
Have a really busy week again, tomorrow I have a meditation course, then Thursday I'm trying on a wedding dress (one that I'd tried on before and they have ordered in for me to try again as I really liked it) Sue is coming with me, then we will meet her friend for a drink. Then Friday I've got no choice but to go out with my colleagues at work, they have kept asking me over the last few weeks, but cos I've been on a detox I've made excuses not to go... I have no excuses now! it'll be fun though, they are really nice. Then Saturday, Sue and I are going to a wedding expo. I'm not going to see Jason much over the next few days am I!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Had a dramatic afternoon at work today....one of our colleagues came around to all the teams and told us that we'd received a bomb threat for level 3 (the level I work on!). It was pretty much a balls up how they handled it from the start. First they said that we should look around our desks to see if we could see anything unusual lying around, imagine that....then we weren't even evacuated. Previously to us being told, the loud speaker kept coming on asking for all the fire wardens to meet at a particular spot, noone really took much notice tho as it didn't sound very urgent. Anyway, noone really knew what was going on, most people stopped working and some went home. I couldn't believe that they didn't evacuate us, it was ridiculous, I was pretty much going out of my mind, well I am a bit more of a drama queen than most, but I'm sure a lot of people were scared... my legs were all wobbly and I was a bit shaky too! Eventually we heard that they had found 2 bags that didn't seem to belong to anyone, so they were taken away somewhere to be checked out. My boss told us that it we didn't get evacuated as it was deemed a low risk threat, apparently there are a lot that happen that we don't even hear about...scary stuff. I guess as we are right by Circular Quay where the Opera House and the Bridge are, that we may be in a bit of a risky area with regards to terrorist threats. I don't know what else happened as I decided to leave early, just had to get out of there! Should be interesting to find out the goings on tomorrow!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I've completed my 3rd detox weekend now, I'm so chuffed I did really well and I feel really great. It's amazing how much better I feel, although I still miss having a glass of wine with dinner. I'm just going to take it easy in future (famous last words!).
On Friday night we went to the rugby club where Linn and Martin have secured a gig there every week. They play in a jazz/blues band. I was very impressed, I haven't heard them play before.
On Saturday we went to a friends flatwarming party. It was quite interesting, I only knew 2 people, one of them being Jason! Everyone was quite drunk and I couldn't into it as much as them, but I met some nice people and had some nice food.
Yesterday, it was boiling....39 degrees! We went to the supermarket in the morning, then Jason went to the cricket. I just locked myself in the flat and shut all the windows..best place to be. I'm really pleased as our flat is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I couldn't believe there were people sunbathing by the pool, they must be mad! I did go down for a swim, but not till a bit later. The water was pretty warm (normally it's freezing) but it was nice and refreshing still. That was about it really for my weekend. I'm looking forward to this week, we have Australia Day on Friday, which means a day off ;o) we have a few things planned, and then it's Jason's birthday on Sunday, which reminds me I must get him a couple more pressies!!
I'm just off to make some Rocky Road chocolates.....it's my turn to bring in cakes for the staff team meeting on Wednesday and I decided to try and make something....watch this space!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another quiet week last week, we had Sean around for dinner last Tuesday, he brought around his dvd of the Catherine Tate show. We've never heard of it before, but Sean keeps raving about it. It's actually really funny it's a bit like Little Britain except it's just one woman, (you probably have seen it) she's really talented, and does the best regional accents, we love it, we've got series 2 to watch now!! Thursday we went our for dinner with Rach, Stu and Sean, which was nice.
Saturday I met up with Sue to go wedding dress shopping...unfortunately I didn't realise you have to book an appointment if you want to try anything on, so we didn't have much luck. I mean, it is ok as there is no hurry, I just wanted to get some ideas, but still I was really looking forward to it! Never mind, I'll probably book some appointments for when Mum is over (in 7 weeks!) it'll be the only chance we get to go together, so it'll be nice to wait until then...mind you, I'll probably drive Mum crazy dragging her to all the different shops! After a bit of shopping and a drink (non alcoholic!) we went and met our friends for Jazz in the Domain. It was absolutely heaving, I didn't realise how busy it would get. Apparently there was 100,000 people there! Luckily Linn etc managed to find something for us. We had a nice picnic there whilst chilling out and listening to the music it was really nice. Jason had cooked up some nice treats too....I tell you, he's getting great in the kitchen, I really do get spoilt! It was a really nice evening, we left about 11 and were home for midnight. It was my second alcohol free weekend and I feel great for it. Sunday I was up at 9.30 (which is early for me!) and I went for a run, and then a swim to cool down as it was quite hot already. Then in the afternoon, Jason and I drove down to Coogee, parked the car and did the Coogee to Maroubra coastal walk. It was a really nice walk, there are loads of amazing houses to look at on the way, those people must have so much money. It took us about an hour each way, by the time we'd finished walking up the steep hill on the way back, we were shattered and very hot. But the day was really nice, I'm really into the healthy way of life at the moment, I went to the gym this morning too! hopefully I can lose my Christmas weight, not that there's that much, but I have to get my wedding body together!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

I spoke with my brother last week and he told me the sex of their baby, Martina had just had her scan and they managed to find out. Unfortunately I can't say what sex it is, as Mum decided she doesn't want to know, so sorry! It's all very exciting!!
Had a pretty quiet weekend which was nice...and needed! I've been on a detox since New years eve, trying to get rid of those nasty toxins in my body. I'm aiming for at least another week, maybe 2. We went to see James Bond on Friday night, we really enjoyed it, I don't normally like James Bond films as they are sexist garbage, but Chris assured me that it wasn't like that, so I thought I'd give it a go. And it turns out it was very good.
Saturday was just a shopping day, and Sunday we went for a walk from Clovelly beach to Bronte, but we had to make our way back earlier than planned as it started to rain, which is quite a common event lately!
I forgot to say before, I'm quite pleased with myself this new year, it's been 5 years since I quite smoking ;o)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!
Wishing you all a very Happy 2007, hope you had a great NYE!
I had the best time, we went to Bondi to see the Basement Jax and Bob Sinclair, it was really great, I wasn't really looking forward to it that much, normally I get too excited about new years eve and it's an anti-climax, but it was actually really good. The beach was absolutely heaving, I did feel pretty old tho, everyone was in their early 20s, apart from all us lot. I didn't spend too much either which was great, we'd been to a friends flat earlier so had a few drinks there, then at the party they were serving big buckets of wine so I didn't need much! The party finished about 3am, but it was a nightmare getting out of Bondi so we went back to our friends' flat up the road. I was really chuffed too as Chris and Martina phoned me up to say Happy New year, it was lovely to speak to them, but I was a little drunk so I probably didn't make any sense! At one point I thought they were having a party, I could hear people saying Happy New Year, turned out it was cos cos there was such a delay on the phone, it was actually me saying it...durrr!! I was forgetting it was only 5pm for them over there!!
After about another hour we attempted to get a bus again (no chance for a taxi) and we managed to get one straight away. We finally got home about 5am, so was very tired on New Years Day. Didn't do much the whole day until the late afternoon when we dragged ourselves down to the beach for some fresh air, we definitely needed that. We watched the Sydney Harbour fireworks that I'd taped the previous night, they were really cool, it was the 75th anniversary of the bridge. They even had fireworks set off from the roofs of the buildings around the harbour...my work was one of them which was cool to see. I'm hoping to go and see them again in real life next year as it will probably be our last NYE here.
Was really hard going back to work, I had a real fuzzy head and there was alot to do which didn't help, but I got through it, at least it's only a 4 day week. The weather has turned bad again, it hasn't stopped raining...I never thought I'd say this here, but Where is the summer??!!
Not very happy today, I went down to ride my bike to the gym this morning, I unlocked it and the wheel spinned away from the handlebars, wondered what was going on, then the handlebars came away from the bike! I realised that someone had tried to steal my bike..my brand new bike :-( I had to try and wheel it around to the front door which wasn't easy, the wheel was all over the place, then carry it upstairs which took a lot of effort. I can't believe it, it's only been there a week, luckily I'd locked it really well and they hadn't been able to steal it. Jason has just had a look at it and he thinks that maybe it was someone trying to steal the wheel and some parts as one of the brakes is missing and the cable and the gear shifter is broken. We'll have to go to the bike shop at the weekend to see what we can do, I'm not leaving it outside again, will have to keep it on our balcony which is a pain.