Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finally, here are some pics from Christmas

The guys at our Christmas drinkies
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Jason doing his pose by the Christmas tree!
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Opening up the pressies
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Jason with his undies
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and our new camera
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me and my new bike (and groovy helmet!)
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and again
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at Bondi beach on Christmas day
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having our seafood buffet
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

We had a really lovely Christmas, I was a bit sad that I didn’t get to spend it with my family, but Jason really made it lovely. We went to the midnight mass on Christmas eve, got to sing a few carols which was nice.
Christmas Day we got up and ate breakfast, then unwrapped our presents. I was really spoilt this year, not only did I get a bike and lots of books and things…Jason bought us a really cool camera. It’s an Olympus one, shock and waterproof, just getting the hang of how to use it now!! We tried it out a bit, but we need to get a memory card to be able to save more pics. Jason got the usual underwear for Christmas (I get carried away and buy him loads!) and a shirt and a Swedish god massage voucher. After a nice relaxing day, we went to Bondi for our meal. The beach was absolutely heaving, you wouldn’t know it was Christmas day, apart from everyone wearing Santa hats…it was a bit strange, I don’t think I would have liked to celebrate my day there. I don’t think it was as busy as usual tho as they had banned alcohol on the beach. We had a really nice buffet meal at a hotel there, was absolutely stuffed by the time we’d finished and we both rolled home to relax for a bit! I got to speak to Mum for about an hour which was nice, I felt a bit sorry for her as she still had her stinking cold, she didn’t sound too well.
Next day we went to the zoo, which was a pretty bad idea, we’d forgotten that the Sydney to Hobart race was on and that the whole of Australia goes to the Heads to watch the race start (unfortunately the zoo is right near the Heads) so it took us ages to get there, then we couldn’t park. We found somewhere in the end, and then thought we’d go and take a look at the race, but unfortunately we’d missed the start by 15 mins, typical! The zoo was packed, we looked around for a while and saw the seal and bird shows, then we called it a day, it was doing my head in. We met up with Linn and Martin later for a few drinks, they left quite early as they had work the next day, but Jason and I stayed out a bit longer, I got pretty drunk which I was surprised about as I’d had so much alcohol lately, I thought I was immune!
Thursday I went shopping to buy a dress for NYE (thanks Chris and Martina).
Went out on our bikes in the afternoon yesterday, it was a lovely day, great to get out on a bike again. We rode to Centennial Park where they have some cycle tracks....there were a few hills though, to I'm aching today. In the evening we went to see Happy Feet at the cinema...definitely recommend it, very good, the baby penguins were so cute. Then we had thai dinner and a bottle of wine. Today, just shopping again, found a bag and accessories for my dress, only thing is it's forecase to rain now until Tuesday, so New years eve could be bad, so I may not even wear my dress!
I've been trying to upload some photos from Christmas, but the server seems to be down on the website I use, will try again over the weekend.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas everybody!!

I finally finished work for, what another busy week, what with going out and working it's all been very tiring. Tuesday night I met up with Sue for Christmas drinks which was fun. Wednesday we had our work Christmas lunch, we left work at 1pm and didn't go back!
Thursday I went to see a physiotherapist my boss recommended to me, I wanted to get a second opinion about my back. It turns out the problem isn't with my back at all, it's my pelvis. My left side had dropped which is what is causing my problems. He looked at my x-rays and said that my spine looked pretty normal..most people have curved spines. He really doesn't like chiropractors, he thinks they are just in it for the money and that they are scaremongerers, which I can agree with now. He did a full check on me and I did some exercises and he did deep tissue massage which absolutely killed me. He actually pushed my pelvis up somehow, it was very strange experience, but when I got up I could feel my left side was higher, it was weird how he did it. I only have to go back in a couple of days for a follow up appointment, and then again in a few weeks, also I have to keep doing some exercises to strengthen my muscles. So it just shows you, I thought going to physio I'd have to go back loads, but that's not the really made me believe in what the physio said about chiropractors though as the chiro told me I'd have to go in 3 times a week for the next few months...hmmmm!! Anyway, I feel better now, and I can even see that my shoulders have evened out a bit too.
So that was Thursday....Friday was an eventful day, I think all my going out and hecticness had finally got the best of me. First off in the morning I found a package on my desk with Leo written on it, I just assumed that it had come in the post so I put it on Leo's desk. Anyway later on there was a mad panic cos my colleague Vlad hadn't put his present in for the Secret Santa and everyone was looking for him, Luigi phoned him to ask where it was and he said 'I gave it to Vikki' when Luigi asked me, I was like, no definitely not...but then Luigi said, yes, he put it on your desk.....ooops. So we tried to salvage the present (which I have to add, wasn't wrapped in Christmas paper) from Leo's desk, but unfortunately he had already opened it. Everyone was in fits of laughter when we told them what happened....I felt a bit silly....that was an amusing start to my day. So later on at the end of the day, everyone was starting to pack up, I was sat at my desk and thought I'd put some handcream on, normally I take off my engagement ring when I do this. So I put my handcream on, then looked down and had a heart attack cos I couldn't find my ring. I searched around for it, but nothing....then my colleagues all came along to help me. There were about seven people on their hands and knees under the desks, and searching all around. People kept asking me questions like what were you doing when you lost it etc etc, and when at first I was so sure I took the ring off, now I had started to doubt myself, and everything was very vague and blurry. After searching for about an hour, we were at a loss, but I was thinking, what if I hadn't put my ring back on this morning after I'd put my cream on at home...I was so sure that I'd have noticed if I hadn't put it on so I didn't believe it was there. I went home anyway, my boss dropped me off...I was getting quite emotional by this time, very worried about what I'd done. So I came upstairs, and there is was on the shelf in the bedroom!!!! I felt like such an idiot....I phoned my boss to tell him and he was laughing at me (luckily!) he said I just did it so my desk would get a good tidy (cos everyone was rearranging my desk). I feel like a prize plonker....I'm going to be really embarrassed going back to work!! but I'm sooo happy I hadn't lost it ;o)
So after that palaver, I didn't really feel like doing much, but we'd promised Rach and Stu we would meet them for a drink as they were going away the next day so I couldn't not. We went to a really nice English pub in Paddington, I really liked it there, even though they didn't play any Christmas music!
Next day Jason and I went shopping for food for our evening drinks party. We thought it would be nice to get some friends around before Christmas. It turned out to be a successful evening...we'd even bought some Pimms so everyone could try went down really well. I'd made the flat look and feel as Christmassy as possible, we had candles, lights, Christmas music, eveyone was saying that they hadn't felt Christmassy until they came to our flat, which was nice ;o). The last people left about 2am, so we had a really nice sleep after that.
Today we went shopping again, last minute stuff to buy, and I wanted to get a bike helmet and lock for my bike which I'll finally be able to ride tomorrow!! The shops were pretty busy, not as bad as I thought though. I've just phoned my Grandad in the States to send my greetings, he sounded quite well which is good. Jason and I are going to go to midnight mass pubs for us as there is noone around tonight, I'm quite relieved actually. So we're going to sing some carols instead. Trying to make it really nice this year as I'm not spending Christmas with my family, Jason is doing a great job to get my by though. It's going to be weird not seeing Mum, bless her, but at least she'll be coming out here in a couple of months.
So, I've just seen that I've gone on a bit, so I'd better get on. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year, take care!! until next time x

Monday, December 18, 2006

Jason and I went out on Friday night, we had a really yummy feed at a Thai restaurant we hadn't tried before, I had Massaman curry, which was great. Jason had the 'Prick King'...haha! We then went to the cinema to see the Holiday which I really enjoyed, it was just the sort of film you want to see at Christmas to get you in the spirit. The next day we went out and bought a Christmas CD! they don't play any Christmas songs on the radio here, it's quite depressing.
After we went shopping on Saturday morning, I went for a facial. It was the best facial ever, I had my eyebrows shaped, my shoulders massaged, my feet, hands and arms massaged, it was lovely...and all for an hour and a half...bliss! It wasn't cheap though, but it was a nice treat. Saturday night we went around to Di's for a bbq it was nice to see everyone again as I hadn't seen a few of them for a while. After the bbq we went down to the Coogee bay hotel for a bit of a dance, it was pretty late though so we didn't stay long. Jason and I popped into Mcdonalds on the way home... as you do. We met one of the All Blacks there, of course I had no idea who he was, but Jason was estactic, especially as the guy plays for the Hurricanes too (Jasons fav NZ team) He was called Ma Nonu (I kept calling him Nanu Nanu...Mork and Mindy style as I couldn't remember his name!) I got my photo taken with him, but I don't know how to upload the pics from my phone onto the computer so I can't show you...I'll have to figure it out. Anyway, it made Jason's night, except he was gutted he didn't get a photo with him!
Yesterday we had a lie in and relaxed a bit, then in the evening we went down to the beach for Carols in Coogee. It was really nice, they had a big stage with an orchestra... the place was packed with families. We stayed for a couple of hours to get into the festive spirit, then came home and watched a dvd.
I'm so relieved I've only got 4 more days left at work, I can't wait to have a week off, work is madly busy. I'm looking forward to Christmas day, Jason and I have booked a hotel for dinner, it's a seafood buffet and the food sounds yummy, the bonus is they've got a huge selection of desserts, we'll have to starve ourselves beforehand!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Had the most amazing time at Robbie last night, he was really on top form. I think it was probably the best time I've seen him (I've seen him 5 times) even Jason loved it, and he really doesn't like Robbie at all!! I saw him bopping around and singing along, it was really funny...I keep taking the mickey now!! The set was really good, loads of fireworks and flames and lights. We were quite far back though, so I did struggle to see a lot, even the screens were quite hard to see at some points...but I didn't let it stop me going mad...I was screaming and allsorts...haha!
This is my first night in in 4 nights, last week was really busy. Thursday night I went to a customer of ours Christmas party, it was at a lovely location with a great view of the harbour. Friday it was Jason's works do which was ok, but it was mostly men. Saturday we went to the chiropractors to look at our x-rays. I couldn't believe mine, my spine really does curve to the left it was quite freaky looking at it. The chiro said it was pretty bad and it would take a few months to fix it. Anyway, Jason needed a bit of treatment too because of his back accident the other week, so he decided to start straight away, I stayed in the room to see what it was all about....but not for long, I started to feel really queezy when he was cracking Jasons neck so I had to leave the room! I've been speaking to some people and I think I will get a second opinion, and maybe not a chiropractor...I'm such a wuss, I don't think I could do it!
So after that we picked up my Christmas present from Jason (not telling you what it is yet!!) Then we went to Sue and Rogers for a dinner party in the evening. Yesterday it was shopping and then to see Robbie ;o)
Here are some pics...
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

here are some pics from my works Christmas party:

on my way to the party
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with a couple of the girls
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these 2 are for Jane....showing off my fascinator

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and here is our Christmas tree
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm just trying to remember what I've done over the past week!
Oh yes, on Wednesday evening I went to a meditation class which was really very interesting, although I haven't practised what I learnt, I must get around to finding time every day.
I've been going to the gym in the mornings, and I must say it's really making a difference, I'm starting to get lines on my abs where I'm getting more toned, it's quite motivating! I'll have to keep it up. Plus I tried on my first wedding dress last week, so I just keep picturing myself in my dress and how I want to look. Trying on my first dress was a weird experience I must say. I felt a bit like I was dressing up in my Mums clothes like I wasn't old enough to be wearing a wedding dress! I know I am, but in my head I'm still 18!! The dresses were gorgeous, the first one was lovely, but not really 'the one'....the second one I fell in love with, but I'm not sure it's appropriate for a beachy wedding, but the lady did say, it shouldn't matter, it's what you want thats the most important thing, so we'll see. I've been dying to tell Jason about it, but obviously I can't! I'm getting quite excited about it. It was improptu, I wasn't planning on trying on a dress yet, but I was waiting to meet a friend so thought I'd pop in and get prices, but ended up trying a couple on! I told my Mum about it the other day, and we're both looking forward to when she comes over so we can go looking together. Jason and I actually bought our wedding rings last weekend too. Again, it wasn't planned, we just went to get an idea for prices, but we saw a couple of really nice rings at a great price so thought sod it, we've got to get them at some point!
What else....Friday night we had our works Christmas party, I had Sue's lovely dress to wear, and one of my colleagues brought in a fascinator (head piece) that his wife had made, it was beautiful, the colour was really lovely, it had a deep red rose and deep red feathers and some black beading, I'm going to put a photo on my blog soon. It was quite funny as soon as I walked in Luigi grabbed me and said to me and Katherine that we'd make his Christmas if he could have his picture taken with us, so we did that, and then I was just about to walk off, when the big boss asked Luigi to get me back cos he wanted his photo taken with us too!! I've never met the CEO before, so it was a bit scary trying to keep a nice smile without twitching too much! We had a really good night, the party was at the NSW Art Gallery, but it did finish really early, so after a few of us went to Oxford St for a few drinks. Me and my boss were the last ones out, he made sure I got in the taxi ok, I just hope I didn't say anything stupid...I can't really remember!!
Yesterday, we had to get up early for our X-rays for our backs. I wasn't in the best of form! We'd also planned to go to the races with Gemma and Garry, so I had to get dressed up again. I felt a bit weird tho as I wore the same as I'd had on the previous night, but you have to wear a fascinator at the races!! About 5pm I started to feel a bit dodgy so Jason and I went home. It was absoulutely throwing it down with rain, I tell you, the weather has been really rubbish here lately, and it was supposed to be the first day of summer on Friday!
Today we've just been shopping and we bought our first Christmas tree, I'm really pleased, and we got some nice decs too, not sure when we should put them up, asap I think...I'm not in the Christmas spirit again this year, it's definitely not as commercialised over here.