Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! We had a really good one. I must say, I was a bit dubious about spending it with friends, it just seems a bit unusual to do that as I've always been used to spending it with family. Anyway, we got around to Rach and Stu's and they'd made such an effort with everything, they had decorated the garden and had all sorts of nibbles and champagne for us. So we pretty much chilled out the whole day, eating and talking. The lunch was very nice, Rach had cooked a special veggie lasagne for me which was yummy. After lunch, it was present time, Jason got dressed up as Santa (we had a couple of kids there). Actually he was more like bad Santa! It was so funny, he pulled everyone's pressies out and we all had to go up and sit on his knee (I got a special pinch on the bum!) Not sure what the kids thought about it all, they seemed a bit scared at first! He did do such a great job though. After the presents, he sat on the blanket with a beer and a cheesecake..not really good for Santa's image! Got some very funny photos. It all went a bit downhill from there, everyone was well on their way and very happy. We ended up in their lounge dancing to Curly's Ipod, I think Jason and I finally got to bed 5am after listening to my new Kylie CD! Woke up at midday yesterday with a really bad hangover, so yesterday we just went to the cinema and had a nice Thai meal.
This morning I went for a run to try and run off all that alcohol. I've actually been very good this Christmas, I've hardly had any bad stuff, just the odd bite of chocolate, I can't afford to put on any weight. Apart from the alcohol, we've been very healthy.
Today we went to the shops and I got my trainers with money that Jason gave me for Christmas, I was desperate for some new ones. We just got back and we used the rice cooker Jason bought me, I was a bit dubious I must say (would have liked something nice and shiny!) but it's a really good pressie and the rice tasted yummy!
Our Christmas tree
me and my Santa hat (stuck on the washing line)

in Santa's grotto

The gang

Here comes bad Santa!

Check out Santa's flip flops!

Giving out the pressies

Santa and Holly

Very Bad Santa

Things start going downhill

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I finally got my assignment finished last week, which was a real relief I tell you. I can't believe that's a year of the course gone already. Still been extremely busy though, even with that out of the way.
I picked up our travel tickets last week, very exciting, it makes it seem all the more real to have them in my hand. The lady who I dealt with was so sweet, she gave me and Jason a little box of chocolates for our honeymoon, I definitely have to buy her something for being so great, the amount of time I changed things, she must have thought I was a nightmare!
I went back for another dress fitting on Monday, it looks great, but they'd taken up the hem too much, so that needs to be sorted and she's taking a bit more in at the back. I go back in a month for the final try on, so hopefully all will be good. I'm actually quite pleased, I had my weigh in at Curves the other week and I'd lost quite a lot. Since I've been going there I've lost 28cm's all over and 3kilos. But I think a lot of that has been from the last few months with all the running and cardio we've been doing.
Work is manic at the moment, we're having to re-do a lot of our documentation, which means a lot of proof reading and dealing with the printers, it's a really long process and there's still a long long way to go. I'm trying to get tidied up for when I go away and Roxanne comes back (she is the person who I took over from) but at the moment, it's not looking likely that I'll have everything sorted...I don't want her to think I'm really unorganised! We are also having loads of people leaving, so that is a headache too, I'll be really glad for a week off next week. Talking of which, I really can't believe it's Christmas day next Tuesday, I haven't bought one Christmas present yet. Luckily I don't have many people here to buy for. We are all having an orphans Christmas around Rach and Stu's, so we are just doing a Secret Santa.
I have another works Christmas party tomorrow night...let's hope it's not a repeat of the last one!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

What a week this has been! Since last Friday, my head has been in a haze! It started off with my work's Christmas party, which was a really good night, but unfortunately, not enough food and too much alcohol has made me forget most of it!! I ended up meeting Jason and his cousin and his cousins mate, who are over from Scotland for some travelling. They decided to play a trick on me and tell me that his cousins mate was his there I was saying how lovely it was to meet him and how glad I was that he's coming to our wedding, and it wasn't even him!! They definitely had a laugh at my expense! It was funny though.
The next day I woke up (still a bit drunk), and found that I was missing my phone and my nice new lipstick, not very happy about that, it was that silly little handbag that I took out (that's my excuse anyway). We had to get up and get ready straight away to go to the races for Jason's old works Christmas party. We had a nice table in the restaurant, and a free buffet and drinks, I just had a glass of wine and I was on my way again! We took a bit of time out from the party and found Nicola and Andy who were also there with friends. We had a great laugh, bet a few races, and had some drinks. I also met a girl that goes to our training there...but I didn't recognise her at first cos she looked so glamorous....we're used to seeing each other with red sweaty faces!! After that we went to the Coogee bay hotel to meet my friend from work, Sandra, who's birthday it was. I wasn't sure if I'd see her though as the pub was so big, and I didn't have my phone, but we saw her practically straight away which was lucky. We had a few drinks with then, then I really had to get home, I think I just collapsed into bed at about 9.30pm. Sunday was a real right off, I had a facial, but that was about it for me.
Monday wasn't a good day, I was finishing off my assignment for college, which was due on the Wednesday, and I went to save it and it sent me an error message, so I tried again..but this time all my work disappeared. I tried to find the file, but no luck...all my hard work, gone! I was in a state for a couple of hours after that, absolutely gutted, I'm still feeling it now, I've been in a right bad mood all week. I've got so much on, and I'm so tired and with that to top it off, it just did me in....not good. I just have to face that I have to do it all over again!
Apart from that I'm very excited...only 8 weeks to our impending nuptials..I can't believe how quickly it's coming around! I went to try on my wedding dress which arrived a few weeks ago. Nicola came with me as Sue couldn't make it, so I was happy I had someone there...I've sworn her to secrecy though! I was very pleased with the dress, they just have to take it in and then I pick it up in a couple of weeks. But what that means is that I can't change my weight either way...I'll have to be very careful not to change any of my habits for 8 weeks which'll be very hard.
I'm really looking forward to a holiday too, and of course to seeing my family and friends, and meeting more of Jason's family, it'll be great. I've just been on full throttle for the last year, and the next weeks coming up aren't getting any quieter, I think I deserve a lovely break! Well, onto the weekend again now ;o) I've got a nights reprieve from Christmas parties, so I'm going to get a start on my assignment....again!

Here are some pics from the races...