Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'd almost forgotten to update my blog again this week!
I had a nice quiet night in on my own on was well-needed!
Saturday we were up early for a training session, I got home and got some of my assignment done, then we both had a lovely massage. This woman came over to our flat, and we can claim some back from our health fund, so it's great. Then we went to the supermarket, then I had my haircut, so I got loads done. I must get up early more often!
In the evening we went over to Sue and Grant's for a election party (as you probably know, we had a federal election last weekend). It was nice to catch up with them as it had been a while. We drove home to the results of John Howard conceding the election!
Sunday I went to a Tahitian Noni party! My friend Nicola is starting up a small business and she is doing these parties to sell the products. It's a bit like a tupperware party, but the items being sold are beauty products and the like. It was very informative and I really enjoyed it, we all got to use the products on our faces, so it was like having a mini facial. Then I was home just in time for the Australian idol final!
This week everyone has gone David Beckham mad, it's amazing, he's everywhere and everyone loves him! All the celebs have been out to meet him. His team played Sydney FC at the stadium last night, they sold 83,000 tickets, not bad for a country that isn't really into football. We watched the game on TV, and actually it was a good game, we didn't expect much that's why we didn't try to get tickets, but it was good. Wasn't very friendly, but that's another matter! He played the whole 90 mins too, which noone was expecting...good on him!
Today he was at Myer promoting his new aftershave, we did go down, but the queues were horrendous, and we only had our lunch breaks, so we didn't hang around....shame.
But really exciting stuff, I got a free ticket to see Elton John tonight!! Our marketing dept had some to give away, so Ryan and I got one each...I'm so excited, it should be great!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It was a nice weekend, although not as quiet as I’d have liked! Friday after work Jason and I met up with Andy, Nicola and Andy’s mate Adrian who he knew from Germany. We started off at the Customs House on Circular Quay where they had put a fake vinyard outside, so it was like a bit of countryside in the city. We tasted a few wines, then had a couple of proper ones after. We then went to the Rocks to have a look at the midnight markets and we were lucky enough to see the fireworks show too. We had a bite to eat and a couple more drinks, then departed for home.
The next day, Jason got up early to do a fitness test with our training group. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as I’d buggered my knee from sprinting on Thursday night, but it was nice cos I got a lie-in! We did a bit of shopping, then Jason took me out for dinner. I really am the luckiest girl, I’d had a bit of a low week, and on Wednesday when I was at college, Jason researched the internet to find a really nice restaurant to take me to. So we went to Newtown, which is somewhere we never really go, and he took me to a Bollywood themed Indian restaurant. It was really cool actually, the guy doing the dancing was really funny, I think Jason was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any women dancing!
Sunday, we just did some more wedding stuff and got our final immigration stuff ready to send. We’ve just got to wait for Jason’s work application to be acknowledged, then we can send ours in…so could be anytime soon.
That’s about it for now, I have to run to get my assignment finished for college tomorrow!

Monday, November 12, 2007

What a fun weekend. It started off pretty quietly, I had a night in all on my own on Friday, which is quite a rare occurrence. Jason went to a gig so I got out a dvd and had a quiet night in. Saturday it was my friend from work, Ryan's 'fluro' birthday party. It was an early start, I met Linn and Sue at the pub at 12.30, the pub was at Woolloomoolloo and it was very nice, we had a balcony for our group and the sun was out, so it was really lovely. As Ryan is gay, the party was pretty much full of gay men, it was such good fun, we had a ball. Everyone went to a really good effort to dress up in fluro colours, there were some funny sights! I felt my pink fluro hair band didn't really make much of an impact compared to these guys! Everyone was very merry after a few hours...I had everyone drinking Pimms, they all loved it.
We stayed there until about 7ish, then Jason came and picked us up. Just to go back, Ryan went out on Thursday night and met Carson from the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy TV show...he'd got tickets for a posh party where he met him, and they ended up going out partying together afterwards! Anyway, Carson had asked Ryan if he wanted to go to Icebergs (very posh restaurant/bar in Bondi) on Saturday night as it was his birthday too...but Ryan didn't hear from him so he didn't end up going. This is where Linn and I step in! We were determined to see Carson, so we got Jason to take us to Icebergs, just for a look. We had a drink there, then we thought we'd go and have a quick look in the restaurant to see if he was there. We walked through to the end and nothing, but on our way back there were loads of really gorgeous people heading our way (the men were absolutely knee tremblingly handsome!) and then, lo and behold Carson is walking behind me being me went up to him and said ' snogged my friend Ryan on Thursday night!' (I hope he didn't have a boyfriend in earshot!) and to his credit, he was really polite to us and asked where Ryan was, to which I said 'you should phone him up' anyway, I then touched him a couple of times and babbled some other stuff, then left them to funny. Linn and I collapsed in hysterics in the toilets's a wonder we didn't get thrown out! So it was quite an eventful evening. After that, we went to an italian restaurant and finally had something to eat.
As for yesterday, I didn't do too much in the day, Jason went out after lunch for Rachel's birthday (I hardly saw him at the weekend) and I just chilled out until the afternoon, then I had to get ready for Pam's engagement party. It was a 5.30 start and all the way out west, so I had to leave quite early to get there. It was a very formal occasion, I felt a bit silly getting on the bus with my lovely black dress (and wearing my flip flops for comfort!). I wore a dress that I bought about 3 years ago, but hadn't had the occasion to wear it until now, luckily it's very classical, so hasn't gone out of fashion! I got the bus to Ryan's, then his friend gave us a lift to the place. Unfortunately none of us knew how to get there, and we weren't very organised, so we did get quite lost, then he got pulled over by the police, honestly, I really didn't think we were going to get there. We finally arrived about 6pm, and after nearly walking into an Indian reception (oops) we found the right room. It's a really ethnic area, Luke said that they stopped and asked for directions, but noone could speak English.
The reception hall was huge, and it looked just like a wedding reception, they had 180 guests there (Pam is Italian and her fiancé is Macedonian) so they have the hugest families. The whole thing was very cultural and it was good fun, but it was really OTT, they had speeches, exchanging rings, first dance, video cameras, cake cutting all the usual wedding stuff. Pam really had put everything into this. Her and her fiancé are both only young, just turned 21 so they are both really excited about getting married, but not for a couple more years. There was lots of dancing, and lots of Macedonian music which is very arabic, and starts to do your head in after a while. I really felt like I was on holiday! I love the traditions though, it's a shame that us English/Aussies, really don't have much culture or traditions about us.
So that's about it, had to get the train home which took forever, but finally got to bed about midnight.
Will upload some pics soon...

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's been quite an interesting week so far. I received a letter yesterday from the New Zealand immigration telling me that my application for permanent residency was approved! I'd almost forgotten about it, as it was over a year ago since I applied and since we are now in the process of applying for our Australian residency it's not really relevant anymore. Just shows you how much can change in a year! I'm feeling a bit weird about it though, it seems such a waste to not use it, and after spending all that time...and money! Oh well, I still have to send them a couple of documents and a payment by May next year, so if our Australian residency doesn't get approved, then we can always think about going there then....we'll see.
Apart from that, I got my college assignments back on Wednesday, and I was very pleased with the results...I got 83%...very shocked I can tell you, I didn't expect to do that well. Considering I almost gave up the course because I was struggling to complete them, I'm now very pleased I didn't. I'm still not sure whether to continue the course into next year though as I've decided counselling is not what I want to do...I don't think I'm emotionally stable enough to deal with listening to other people's problems! We had to do a session on Wednesday where we talked with a partner for 15 mins about all the grief we'd had in our lives, and it was really emotional, especially listening to someone else's story. I'm sure you get attuned to it with practice, but I don't think it's something I want to pursue...but who knows!

Monday, November 05, 2007

I think it's 2 weeks since I last updated my blog....oops, I keep forgetting about it and the weeks go by so quickly it's easy to forget.
I've been busy doing the seating plan for the wedding...not an easy task! Also we have ordered our wedding cake, the one that came with our package was a bit bizarre to say the least, so we decided to order a different one. I had a hair trial on Friday night and I was really pleased with it. I wanted to get it done before we go so I could show the hairdresser in Thailand how I wanted it. God knows if it will look the same, I hope so! The hairdresser was really nice...when she found out that I trained as a hairdresser she said she's always looking for assistants if I was interested to do some work for her, so I may have a think about that. She does purely weddings, so it could be interesting. After the hair, Sue and I went to the pub and sunk a bottle of wine (or 2!) and had a good old catch up.
Saturday I went into the city to look for a bag for the wedding, but didn't come up with anything, not really sure what I'm going to do about that. My dress has arrived, I've just booked in my fitting for the end of Nov. I'm madly trying to lose a bit of weight for this...only 24 days to go!
I have finally found my wedding perfume after a long process of every time I went to the shops...spraying 2 different ones on my wrists and then coming home to see if Jason liked any of them! at the weekend, we got it down to a short list of 2, then made the decision yesterday, so that's another thing to cross off my list! Jeez, there are so many perfumes to chose from, it's very hard.
I finally got to see some photos of Hugo on my brothers blog. They have been away for a month in England and I didn't have any updates at all. I can't say he's grown though because the pictures are from the beginning of their holiday, hopefully I'll get to see some more pics again soon.