Monday, July 30, 2007

The past week has been quite busy, what with all the exercising I've been doing. I started full on back with my training last Monday, had a really good week of exercise. I did a catch up class with the outdoors training I do last Thursday, it was a cardio class and it was a killer. Trust me to pick that night to start it! We had to do hill runs, which didn't mean just going up the hill once or meant going up and down god knows how many times. I really did think I was going to be sick! Then after what 30 mins or more of that, we went back to the park for some sprinting. I do really enjoy the classes even though they are really tough, it's good to have someone pushing you all the time. Actually, we've just got back from kickboxing. I got paired up with this lovely Irish girl, at the end we had to lie down facing each other and lift up onto our feet and elbows, then we had to high 5 each other...every time we high 5'd we cracked up laughing, and then I smacked her glasses off by accident which made us laugh even more, I don't know where we got the energy from to stop collapsing!
The weekend was quite nice, quiet again. We met up with Linn and Martin and Sean on Friday night, we hadn't seen them for a while, so was nice to catch up. Then on Saturday we went to a Sexpo for a laugh. It was very amusing, there was lots of naked people walking around (as you'd expect) and some of the stuff they had at the stalls were very outrageous (to put it nicely). We saw a man painting pictures of people with his you know what...the paintings were suprisingly good! There was pole dancing and male strippers and lots of show bags with weird and wonderful things inside. After a while though it all gets too much!
Sunday morning we went for a run, and then I had a pedicure, which was lovely...that's about it really.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I had some sad news last week that my Grandad had passed away on. He had been poorly for some time, and he'd been in a home for a couple of months so at least he isn't suffering now. I hadn't seen him for nearly 6 years, the last time was at my Dad's funeral, so it brought back a lot of feelings about that too. I'm sure he's in a better place now.
Was feeling sad over the weekend because of that, so had another quiet one. I went back to the doctors on Saturday as I was still coughing, he gave me a puffer which has really helped and I am no longer coughing my guts up! Jason and I are also on a no-alcohol regime until the fun run, we are into our 3rd week now and it's going well (probably cos we haven't been out tho!) We are going to do 5 weeks, so we're halfway there.
We've just got back from kickboxing, and I'm struggling to type cos my arms are shaking so much! It was good fun again, I'm glad to be back exercising. I even went to the gym this morning too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So, not much to tell since my last entry. I'm still not feeling 100%, I've got this horrible cough still, but I'm a lot better. Hence we had a pretty quiet weekend. We didn't do hardly anything, just watched dvd's and went to the cinema on Sunday. I didn't make it to my kick boxing yesterday as whenever I exert myself I start it's been really cold here, so that made up my mind! Only 4 weeks to go till the City to Surf, and my hopes of running it are slowly lowering, at this rate I'll be walking the whole way!!
I'm hoping to do a web link with my brother tonight so I can see little Hugo again. Chris has sent me lots of videos, and Hugo is all laughs and cute!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm suprised if anyone is still checking my blog as I've been so slack in updating it, but here's another update just in case!
Well, the end of financial year at work finally came to a close, thank goodness, that was pretty full on, we had some drinks on the Friday to celebrate. Saturday was my Birthday (2 weeks ago) I had an ok day, I must admit I was a bit down and not in the party mood which I normally enjoy on my birthday, I was missing my family as they were all together in Slovakia, and I guess I panicked at turning 33! aargh! But I did get some lovely pressies, my cool sunglasses from Jason, and my brother went out of his way and sent some really cool animations of us all on his blog. This was my 3rd birthday here in Oz, who knows where we will be on the next one!
I had my annual review at work the other day, it went really well and my boss was really positive and gave me some excellent feedback, my bonus looks good too....fingers crossed it all works out ;o) He is trying to keep me on until February, but it all depends on the lady who is on on maternity leave and what she decides to do, hopefully I'll find out soon.
Last weekend Sue came out with us for a friend's birthday, hadn't really seen her socially for ages, so it was great to catch up. It wasn't really a big night, but I woke up on Sunday with an awful cough and then it developed into achey muscles and shivers and feeling basically awful. I had to go to work on Monday morning as there was some stuff that needed doing, but I ended up going home at lunchtime, and I've been off since. I'm feeling better today, still not 100%, but I'm going back to work tomorrow, apart from anything, I'm bored stiff.
Jason and I went to a kick boxing class last Monday, it's outdoors training in the park just up the road, I've been wanting to go for ages, but it's been raining all the time. It was a really great class, bloomin hard work tho, I was stiff till the Thursday. We ended up signing up for 12 weeks, we need to do all we can to stay in shape. Unfortunately though because of my flu, I couldn't go on Monday, hopefully I'll be fully recovered next week. I was doing so well last week with my running and training and lunchtime training sessions at work.