Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nothing much to tell this week, it's been good in a way not working, as it's given me the chance to catch up on things, but I'm sure I'll get bored soon. A few of us went out for a trivia night at the local RSL club on Tuesday night. That was good fun, we actually did quite well between us, we came 4th out of 7. The funniest was when we had to write down an answer and then run up to the quiz master with it for a free drinks voucher....Linn and I both tried to run up, I ended up tripping over her and headbutting the guys chest, very amusing! He thought it was most funny!
I've been watching a few dvd's in the daytime, I'm going to go down the beach for a swim in a bit as it's still really hot here...I really am counting down the days until it gets cooler!

Monday, March 27, 2006

I had a nice weekend. I went over to Manly on Friday evening to visit Sue, I hadn't been to her flat yet, so we thought it was about time! We had a few snacks first, then we got all dolled up to go out, but we'd walked out the door and it just started tipping it down with rain and we still had to walk 10 mins into we made the split decision to just go back to her flat and share a bottle of wine. Actually I'm getting to the stage where I prefer to stay in with friends, at least you can talk properly (god, I do sound old don't I!!). Next day after breakfast we took a walk down to the beach and talked for a few hours, before I had to get the ferry back. As always, I had a really nice time.
Saturday night, Jason and I met Linn and Martin at the pub, we had a few drinks and a catch up together which was nice. Yesterday was a very lazy day, we just chilled out and watched lots of films on the TV.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I've been a real lady of leisure today, I had a facial this morning which was the most relaxing thing I've done for ages (it was a freebie, but still very good!). Then this afternoon I watched a dvd. All I need now is for some ladies to do lunch with!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I made it back into Sydney....yaay!!!
Leah took me for lunch before I left for my flight which was nice. I got onto the bus ok, and arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. I was really nervous about going back to Sydney for immigration reasons. I'd mentioned before on my blog that it was a palaver getting into New Zealand, well what happened was basically I had to give the airline an onward ticket from New Zealand (apparently New Zealand are one of the strictest immigration in the world), I did have a ticket, but that was back to Australia, so I couldn't show them that as they wouldn't have accepted it as I didn't have a visa to get back in. So anyway, after loads of faffing around, I had to buy a ticket from Auckland to Fiji, then they would let me on the flight. So I got that ok, then I did get questioned at New Zealand airport, but as I had an onward ticket, they let me in. So that was the hassle on the way. I had a lovely week in Auckland, but I always had it in the back of my mind about coming back!
So, yesterday, I got on the flight ok, no questions so that was fine. The flight was ok, I had a couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves!! I got to immigration, and of course as soon as he typed in my passport number, a little bell rang, so he asked me to wait as I would have to speak to immigration (oh my god, that was scary!) then he was actually really funny, he saw on my arrival card where I was staying, and he then started asking me if I liked babysitting, and as I was staying near where he lived, he asked me if I could babysit his child tomorrow!! It was so funny, he was obviously just having a laugh, it was good though as it took my mind off seeing immigration!! Then I asked him what the problem was, and he started telling me about his why he needed a babysitter, I interrupted him saying, no I mean about me seeing immigration...he was's all about you isn't it?!! it was very amusing!! Anyway, immigration finally came over and I was sooo nervous....they just asked me a few questions about why I had come back and where I worked before etc etc, then they just kept cannot work, you must realise you cannot work this time, I was like, yes, of course, I'm just on holiday...then they let me go....phew! It's not that I've done anything against the law, but they just don't like people coming back here again after they've already had a years working visa, but my reasons are legit, so that's fine ;o) So after that palaver, I picked up my bag (it was the lonesome one on the carousel!) then I went through customs, then I got my bloody bags all searched....they just picked me he went all through my bags to check for food (which they are really strict about bringing in here) I told him I had some chocolate and a packet of crisps in there, he said that's ok, if I had an apple I'd be in trouble (luckily I'd just thrown an apple in the bin before hand!) So that's my story about getting home, it was quite funny looking back, but I don't want to go through that again!!
Anyway, here are a few pics from my trip
This is William and Paul
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Me on St Paddy's Day
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The Sky Tower
Image hosting by Photobucket
Views from the Sky Tower
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Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Looking down...yes, I stood on the glass floor...I'm so brave!
Image hosting by Photobucket
This guy was doing the jump from the top....the horrible people made him hang in the front of the windows before they let him down...poor guy! (sorry, don't know why the pic is so small)
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This is Roger, me and Elaine (my step mum)
Image hosting by Photobucket
on a night out.....Leah, me, Rebecca and Dirk (the blacks and the reds!)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I had a great evening last night. Myself, Leah, Dirk and Rebecca (who'd just checked in last night) went out for dinner. We went to a Thai restaurant around the corner which was very cheap and cheerful. After that we went to a bar to try and catch up with someone Dirk knew, but they weren't there, so we bought a bottle of red wine and went to the roof terrace of the hostel for a couple of hours. We had such a good laugh. It was funny talking to Leah, she's American, but was born in Cambodia, she's one of 12 children!! We were in hysterics from some of the stories she was telling....she refers to her siblings by number there's that many of them!!
So this morning, I'm just trying to pass a bit of time until I leave the city at about 2pm. I'm meeting Leah for lunch at 12, so that'll pass a bit of time too.
I've had a really good time there, especially as I didn't really want to come. It's so different travelling on your own here in New Zealand, compared to Australia, the people I've met here are all nearer to my age, so I don't always feel like I'm the old lady of the group..which is great!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I had another bad sleep last night, there was a new girl in the bed above me and she kept rocking the bed everytime she moved...I actually had motion sickness at one point (I am very sensitive!) it felt like I was on a boat!
I've got quite a lot done today, I got up early and caught the bus to Mount Eden, it's a dormant volcano. I walked to the summit (196m, I think) there, you get amazing views of the city. That didn't take me long, so I got the bus back into the city and walked to Victoria Park Market...which was a bit disappointing, there wasn't a lot there. I then walked to the Viaduct (the harbour) I had a quick stop at the fish market, but I wasn't yet hungry, so I didn't taste any of the fish and then walked along the waterfront. It's been a beautiful day today, it's really hot, I had to go back to the hostel and change out of my jeans. After my long walk I was tired, so I had some lunch, then this afternoon, I've just been browsing around the shops on Queens Street. I'm actually really unimpressed with the shops here (which is probably a good job) there is not much of a selection of shops along the main shopping street.
So, in a minute I'm off to try and pack my bags, I'm still wondering how on earth I'm going to get all those towels (engagement pressies) in my bag!!
I'm leaving Auckland tomorrow afternoon, I've had a great time here, but I'm now happy to go back to Sydney.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've been a busy bee, such a lot to tell! St Paddys Day evening was good fun. I met up with Izzy (from the hostel) and some Irish lads in an Irish bar (of course) in the city at about 5pm. It was good fun, they were all really nice and a good laugh, we were all telling stories about our travels and adventures. One of the lads kept telling me I had the nicest brown eyes, he said he would, if I didn't have a boyfriend, even ask me out if he was's that for a compliment!! I wasn't sure how to take that comment, hahaa!! After a drink in that bar, we went to find another Irish bar, then I had to go back to the hostel to meet Paul and William (Jason's cousins) They'd brought over some engagement presents from Jason's family, there were 3 huge presents (don't ask me how I'm going to get them back!) which was very sweet. Anyway, we walked back up to the Irish bar and had a few drinks in there, they are really sweet lads, both in the Navy, so they were telling me all their stories. We ended up going to the hostel bar for a few, they had a special promotion where if you bought 3 shots, you get a free silly Irish hat, so we had some of those.... then before we knew it it was midnight, and they had to head back to get the last ferry. I stayed for one more drink, everyone else had bailed earlier too, then I thought I'd better call it a night too and went to bed.
I didn't really get that much sleep, I kept getting rudely awoken early in the morning by girls that were checking out, and I wasn't really feeling the best either (not suprisingly!) So I didn't get that much done yesterday, by the time I dragged myself out of bed, I went to get my visa, and then went to pass a bit of time at the cinema, it was all I was good for. I saw The Weatherman with Nicholas Cage, it was ok, but I was a bit impatient to get out after a while, it didn't really hook me. I just went back to the hostel, had some dinner and then went to lie down. I met some really nice girls who'd just checked in too, one, Leah is from the States, and Mirjam was from Munich. We had a long chat about Munich and it turns out she knows a couple of people through work that I used to work with at HP....such a small world! We swapped emails and maybe we can meet up when I go back there.
Today I had a really busy day, I'd arranged to go over on the ferry to Devonport to meet up with Paul and William again, but I had a phone call this morning from Elaine (my step mum) she was in Auckland just for the day and wanted to meet up. I knew she was going to try and come up here, but wasn't sure when as I hadn't heard anything....anyway, I had to cancel with Paul, and I went to meet her, Roger (her husband) and Darren (her son). It was great to see them again, it was a bit surreal seeing them over here, and I hadn't seen Darren for over 4 years, so it was great to catch up. Darren wanted to go up the Sky Tower, as he hadn't been up there, so he took me up there (again!!) as he didn't want to go on his own. We saw another couple of jumpers...the woman hanging in front of the window this time looked petrified!! it was quite funny though!! They had to leave in the afternoon to take Darren to the airport, so we bid each other farewell. As it wasn't too late, I tried Paul again, and he said it was cool for me to still go over, so I caught the ferry there. They picked me in their car and drove me around showing me all the beaches, it was a really lovely area. The houses are amazing, I guess it's really expensive to live there. After a few hours I came back to the city and had some dinner. Leah and her German friend Dirk (who also lived in Munich) joined me and we just had a really funny chat for a couple of hours. They've invited me for dinner with them tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to that as they are really nice.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Friday 17th March
I finally got checked into my room yesterday. The hostel is much better and cleaner than the other one....although I had a really bad nights sleep, there is a bar/nightclub in the hostel, so the music kept me awake til all hours, my ear plugs didn't even work!
I went to the Sky Tower yesterday afternoon. It's the highest tower in the Southern hemisphere (328m). I paid the extra to go right up to the sky deck which is as high as you can go (220m, unless you do the vertical climb at 270m). When I got in the lift I immediately saw part of the floor was glass, not very nice...and then when we were going up in the lift, you could actually see the city through the glass in the was a bit of a weird experience, and not one that I particularly liked!
When we got up the top, I went straight into the other lift up to the sky deck. It was a great view, and I even got to see a couple of people do the jump from above. It was funny, the second jumper was hanging on a wire outside the observation deck window for a few seconds, we were all waving at him, he looked a bit scared!! I just about managed to stand on the glass floor too, it took a lot of courage though!
I went to the bar in the hostel at 5pm to see if they needed any help handing out flyers so I could get a free night, but they told me they didn't have anything at that moment, so I just went back to my room for a rest. I even tried again this morning to see if I could help with the changing of beds, but there was another person that got there before me... I was a bit peeved, so I just decided to pay for the next 2 nights and not worry about working....after all, I am on holiday! I phoned Mum up this morning, was lovely to speak to her, we hadn't chatted for a while.
I was going to go on a harbour cruise this afternoon, but there is a big black cloud above, it looks like it may rain, so I thought I'll just do it tomorrow. I went for a bit of a walk earlier, I found some lovely gardens, Albert Park, it's really pretty there. I'm meeting Jason's cousin tonight, and also I was speaking to an Irish girl in my room, so she's coming out too, she's desperate to do something for St Paddys Day!
I'm really getting to like Auckland, it reminds me a little of Sydney, with the tower and the water etc, very nice.
I arrived in Auckland yesterday evening. The whole journey was a bit of a palaver, I'll explain when/if I get back to Sydney!! The flight was actually ok though, it was part of a long haul flight, so we had films and videos to watch which made the time pass by. I had my 'how to enjoy flying' book with me this time (Mum had had it sent over) so I managed to read half of that again before I got onto the flight, I quickly skipped to the chapters on turbulance and engine failure first though, just to calm me down!! I'd also taken a valium before the flight, but I made the mistake of having a small glass of wine on the flight and it totally knocked me out...first of all I got really spaced out, then I just fell into a deep sleep which I've never done on a flight before (actually maybe it was a good thing!!) So when we got to Auckland I got the bus to the hostel and after the horrible day I'd had, I was really unhappy to find that it was a real dump. Then I tried to phone Jason, but I couldn't find a phone that worked (coin pay phones are very few and far between here) so that just topped it all off! Anyway, as I'd only paid for one night at the hostel, I decided to find another one for the rest of my stay, so I went up the road and booked myself into a nicer one. I haven't been able to see my room yet though, they are still changing the beds. I saw that they are offering free accomodation for people in exchange for 4 hours work, so I will probably do that for a couple of days, save those pennies!
I'm hoping to go up the Sky Tower this afternoon, it's a beautiful clear day, so it's a great opportuntity. This time I came here prepared for cold weather, and it's not very cold...typical, I was freezing when I came in January! I'm hoping to meet up with Jason's cousin who lives here, so I'll try and call him later, maybe he can show me around a bit.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What an interesting last day at work I've had. I had to go down to the basement this morning to shred some documents in the industrial shredder (yes, my job was that interesting) I was nearly finished when I heard the fire alarm go off. I started to panic a bit as I had no idea where I was or where the exits were. Anyway, I finally saw someone who said don't worry it's not a fire, the pipes have burst on level 4 which caused the alarm to go off. I tried to get back up to level 18 in the lift, but it wasn't working, so I eventually found my way out via the ramp. When I got to the outside of the building, there were loads of people outside, and there was water pouring out the building and they weren't letting anyone back in (which was a good job as I didn't fancy walking up 18 flights of stairs). The fire brigade eventually turned up, and more and more people were coming out of the building. Apparently a fire hydrant had exploded and had flooded level 4 and level 3. I'd been waiting for ages, so I went over the road to sit down on the bench. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they evacuated the whole building, luckily I saw someone from my floor and he let me phone Nicole so I could ask her to bring all my stuff down (I was a bit worried as everything I had was up there...and of course it was my last day). So she came down with my stuff and we all had to go to Hyde Park to see what was going the end she told me I may as well go home, I'd done most of my work I'm just off home now, only bummer is, I probably won't get paid for the afternoon :-(

Monday, March 13, 2006

I had a really nice weekend. Apart from Saturday morning where I spent most of my time at the doctors...trying to get everything sorted out before my Medicare card runs out this week! Saturday afternoon, Jason and I took a drive to Alexandria where they have all the outlet shops, he'd heard on the radio about a sale for mens suits, so we went to check it out (he needs a suit for my brothers wedding). Eventually we found the place, unluckily they were closing in 10 minutes....anyway, the woman picked out a suit in quick time, he tried it on and it was perfect, we still need to get a shirt, but we can do that anytime, so we were really impressed. There are just a few alterations to do and that's it. I had to laugh, I don't think Jason has ever worn a suit before...he did look a bit awkward in it, bless him!!
In the evening we just went out for dinner on our own (which doesn't happen too often!) we went to the local Thai, it's really good food, and really cheap too, I had my usual vegetable green curry, I must try something else next time. Then we went for a couple of drinks down at the seafront where we had a laugh watching all the drunk people, then we just got a DVD (Mr & Mrs Smith...I wouldn't recommend it, it was pretty bad!).
Sunday, we drove to Manly to meet Sue and her friend Mark, over from UK, for lunch. We met them at a cafe and had a really nice lunch (including a couple of glasses of wine...which I haven't done for lunch in ages!) we had a really nice couple of hours, it was nice to go somewhere different for a change....I do really like Manly. Then Jason and I had to make a move as unfortunately we could only find a parking space for 2 hours. I, as expected fell asleep in the car on the way back...I've never been a very good afternoon drinker! We stopped off quickly at the supermarket, then we went home, where I again fell asleep for an hour! After that, we walked down to the Palace and met up with a few friends there for a couple of hours. It wasn't a late one though....I was still shattered!!
I've only got today and tomorrow left at work....I'm off to New Zealand (yes, again) on Wednesday for a week. I have to get my tourist visa so I can come back here for a while. We've had a few more problems with our original plan :-( It does mean I can't work, but hopefully the other visa will be sorted out soon. So I'm going to Auckland, I haven't been there before and I'm quite looking forward to it...I'm such a jetsetter aren't I??!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

We heard yesterday that the U2 concert has been postponed. I'm so gutted, I was really looking forward to it. Jason's friend had even booked a flight to come over here from New Zealand for it...luckily I think he can get his money back! I tell you, I must be jinxed, first the Oasis concert in Munich, then the Kylie one here last year....and now this :-(

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nothing much to tell this week. I had my haircut last night, I was really pleased with it...first time in ages.
I forgot to say that I made the mistake of colouring my hair myself last weekend. I've been really bored with it and wanted a change, so I bought myself a red hair dye. Well, I made the stupidest mistake doing it (especially stupid as I used to be a hairdresser) I forgot that if you put a red colour directly onto bleached highlights (which is what I've got) it goes very orange. I'd only had the colour on 5 minutes when I remembered this... I looked at my hair and immediately washed the colour out, it was looking very orange already!! So I was kicking myself for doing's not really that bad, it's just really grabbed and it's quite bright on my highlights. The colour really took after only 5 minutes, so I'm glad I didn't leave it on any longer. I've even had a few people say how nice it looks, but now I just want to go back to my old colour, it's a bit too coppery for my liking.
Anyway, that was my drama for the week!
This made me laugh...I was reading the news the other day, the UK pop group, Girls Aloud are in Sydney at the moment, they went to Taronga zoo and they were having their pictures taken with the koalas, and 2 of them got peed on by a koala...hahaa!! Also John Cleese has made the headlines here slagging off Palmerston North (in North island of New Zealand) where he recently toured. He said it was the most miserable place, and the weather was just awful...the funny thing is that Jason, Todd and a few of my other friends are all from there....I'm sure they won't be very happy with that!! To Palmerson North's credit, I've been there and it's not really that bad (well apart from the weather!).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some photos from the Mardi Gras (as usual the night time ones didn't come out very well...gutted!)


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Warming up, Sue, myself and Jason

Image hosting by Photobucket

Just before the parade started

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Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm still suffering even now. The infection decided to turn into a cold on I haven't really been sleeping very well as I haven't been able to breathe through my nose! Sorry, I sound like a right old whinger don't I! Anyway, Saturday afternoon, Jason and I headed into town early so we could get a good spot to watch the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade....I'd heard it was a must see. So we bought some drinks from the bottle shop, then met up with Sue at 4.30. We found a good spot to sit at the side of the street to wait for the carnival, it wasn't going to be starting until 8pm, but everyone gets there early. We saw some very funny sights, one guy was walking down the road with just his boots, and a thong…nice!! We had great fun whilst we were waiting, there were lots of organisers handing out whistles, balloons, shakers, lollypops...Sue and I did a good job of chatting to them and they kept giving us free stuff!! We were also playing beach volleyball with them. Rach, Stu and Liz and Mike had turned up by now too. A bit later on they had some more entertainment...a drag queen called Sandy Bottom, he/she made us all dance and sing along to the music, which passed a bit of when it was time for the parade, we were all raring to go! First off were the 'dykes on bikes' there must have been hundreds of them on their was really funny...most of them did look like blokes I have to say! There were some great floats, I've got some really great footage on my camera. There were guys dressed up as Kate Moss throwing white powder on the street and pretending to snort it all...they even had giant credit cards, very amusing. There were lots of sailors, cowboys, Snow White and the 7 fact everything you could imagine...lots of people with skimpy outfits (some of them really shouldn't have!!) and one of the floats was based on Little Britain except their slogan was 'You're not the only gay in the village'. It was a pretty amazing carnival, I've never seen anything like it before. The streets were absolutely packed, apparently there was about 300,000 people there. After the parade had finished we fought our way down the road to the Burdekin which is mine and Sue’s old local. It took us ages to get in as it was so busy, but we eventually made it…we managed to lose everyone else in the process though. We had a couple of drinks in there, but it was so busy and hot, we thought we’d call it a night and went and had a slice of pizza.
Yesterday was a bit of a non event…Jason was sick as he’d drunk too much on Saturday night, and I wasn’t feeling too great either, so we just hung around the flat. Later on we went to the cinema to see Brokeback Mountain, which I really enjoyed.
I had a better nights’ sleep last night, although I was rudely awoken by a mosquito buzzing right in my ear…the bloody thing had bitten my arms and my legs! I’d only said to Jason that evening that we haven’t had any bugs for a while (this was also before I saw the huge cockroach on the floor!) Roll on the winter!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have been off work for the last couple of days. I started to have trouble breathing on Monday night because of all the yucky stuff that had travelled down to my chest, I had a bit of a panic about it at one point! Anyway, I went back to the docs on Tuesday and he said I had a chest infection, my airways were affected too, so he gave me a puffer and signed me off work for 2 days..... the puffer helped a lot. I'm still not feeling 100%, but I'm a lot better, hopefully it will all clear out in the next couple of days.
I've just been catching up on my emails, I can't believe how many of my friends are now pregnant, have just had babies, or are due over the next couple of months!! It must be something in the air. I'm really happy for them all, it's such an exciting time ;o)