Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's been 3 weeks since my last blog....sorry I couldn't resist... It's all the catholic fever getting to me! As you've probably heard, the Pope is in town for World Youth day. Things have been a bit mad in the city, with thousands of pilgrims from all over the world hanging out in the city. The Pope finally came into the city today, so there were lots of barricades on the streets. He came in by boatacade from Rose Bay, did a circuit of Circular Quay (where we all watched him from our window at work...see pic) then off to Darling Harbour where he addressed 150,000 pilgrims. After that there was a motorcade through the city passing half a million spectators, by which point I'd already left work and gone home cos I didn't want to get stuck amongst all the people and traffic. At midnight tonight, the main road from our flat to the city will be closed down for the weekend, so getting to and from work should be interesting tomorrow. On Saturday the Pope is leading the pilgrims through the city and to Randwick Race course (which is 5 minutes up the road from us). They have set up a huge stage and lots of tents which you can see as you drive by. So if you see him on the news on Saturday, just think, I live very close by! It's funny, we've been hearing all these stories on the news that some of the pilgrims have been getting a bit carried away with all the partying and drinking, and even going to massage parlours! But on the whole, I think the most of them are just your normal happy clappers!

Apart from all that excitement, there isn't too much to tell. We caught up with Andy and Nicola again last Friday night, which was nice, and then Saturday, we went to a friends birthday party. It was quite good, cos we only really knew a couple of people there, we ended up meeting some nice people. We went to see Mamma Mia on the Sunday...loved it, such a feel good movie and amazing scenery, definitely recommend it.

Not sure if I mentioned before, we finally got our sofa yaay! And I tell you, it's the most comfortable sofa in the world...well worth the wait, we love it. We've also been buying some other nice things for the flat seeing as there have been some sales on. We bought some lovely bedsheets and a new bedspread and some lovely lights and vases, the flat really is starting to look a lot better, it could really do with a lick of paint and a change of carpet though, but hey, it'll do for now.

I've also been very spoilt lately, Jason's been trying out some new recipes, so I've been trying lots of yummy food. S0, I'm off now, going to try another new recipe...cheesy polenta with mushroom sauce...mmmm.
Here are a couple of pics of the boat the Pope arrived on taken from my window at work (I know, you're really jealous of the view I see every day!)