Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shock, horror!
I had quite a shock today whilst checking the exchange rates from the Aussie dollar to the Euro and pound...and I must say, it wasn't a good shock. And yes, I know I work for a Financial Services company, and I'm hearing every minute of the day here and on the news about the fall in the stock market and the dollar going down and the global crisis, but to be honest, I didn't really have time to put 2 and 2 together and think how this would affect our trip to Europe. Luckily we'd paid a bit of a deposit for the hotel in Ireland where the wedding is, otherwise it would have cost us $800 for 2 nights!!! I felt quite nauseous for a while! Looking back, I should have bought lots of travellers cheques or exchanged some dollars when the dollar was at it's highest....but hindsight is such a wonderful thing!!
Apart from that, I'm really looking forward to getting back home, it's 4 weeks on Friday, so not long at all now. I've been busy reading my new Fearless Flyers book, which on the whole was good, if a bit dated, but the trouble is it mentioned a few things that I hadn't even known about before...wind shear and micro bursts which can be dangerous when you take off and land, I'd rather they hadn't have told me about those, it gives me even more things to worry about! At least our flight is halved on the way there as we have a stop over in Korea, I'd rather have a bit of a break and then get back on the plane, I think it's a 5 star hotel which will be nice, although I'm sure we won't see too much of it. Have to remember to get some Korean money before so we can at least have a meal.
I can't believe it's only 5 weeks til Christmas, it'll be so nice to spend my first Christmas in 4 years in the cold where it should be spent, I'm looking forward to feeling really Christmassy which I haven't done since I've been over here. We've got our Christmas party next Saturday night, it's at the same location where Jason and I got engaged. It's supposed to be cocktail dress and everything..god knows what I'm going to wear!. It should be good fun as we always have a laugh with work, although it's the first year as BUPA we are allowed to bring partners, so it might be an interesting mix. I'm not taking Jason though as he has his works Christmas party on the same day, so our table is the singles table, so no doubt it will be the rowdiest there!! I was quite relieved to have the last weekend at home, it was the first time in a month that I hadn't gone out in the city. I've had Linn's birthday, Nicola's hen party (brilliant...went pole dancing...what fun!) and Ryan's birthday with about 10 gay men (and me) in a gay bar (that was an eye opener!) This weekend I have leaving drinks for someone at work, and then another leaving party for a couple we met when we did the outdoors training.
Well, that's about it for now, will try not to leave is so long until the next update.