Friday, February 25, 2005

Thailand - Arrival in Bangkok
Well I finally got here, that was a bit of a long trip, at the moment I don't know whether I'm coming or going! I was so glad I'd arranged a transfer from the airport and a hotel booking, it made life so much easier. The hotel is really nice, it's a really good location, quite close to the infamous Khao San Road, but not too close! I had a sleep earlier, then I took a walk to Khao San Road, it's pretty cool there, loads of people about and there are some really great cheap clothes, shoes, handbags etc, again I wish I had more room in my rucksack! maybe on the way back before I go to Oz I can pick up a few bargains! It's really hot and sticky here, its a funny sort of heat, quite heavy, makes you feel really lethargic...but that could be cos I've had no sleep. After that I went back to the hotel where Ric phoned me and we had a chat about my plans, unfortunately he couldn't make it to Bangkok now, but maybe we'll meet up again before I go.
I'm feeling pretty lonely at the moment, I've just eaten my dinner and saw an Internet cafe so I thought I'd pop in... actually I'm just talking to Chris on messenger which is making me feel a bit closer to home. It seems everyone here is in big groups or in couples so I feel a bit weird, I'm sure it'll get better tho, I mean I have just spent the last 2 weeks with people so I'm sure I'm going to feel a bit cut off now being on my own again.

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