Monday, February 07, 2005

4 days to go.....!!!
Had another busy week, I went to my friend Sarahs on Tuesday to pick up some of her tips for living in Australia, that was really helpful. I caught up with Rachel on Wednesday night, we have stayed in touch via email, but we haven't seen each other for probably over 5 years. It was lovely to see her again, we had a laugh talking about what we used to get up to, very amusing, we were a right pair!!
So the rest of the week I spent spending more money. Got my travellers cheques and some currency for Singapore and Thailand so that's one less thing to worry about. All of the stuff I need to take with me is now laid out on the bed in the back room, I can't face trying to see if it all fits in my bag yet, guess I should really do that tomorrow.
So thats my week, oh and I went into town on Friday night which was good fun. Managed a bit of exercise this morning, Mum and her friend and I rode our bikes to Wimborne market..exciting I know! Mum has really been feeding me up since I've been back home, so I had to do some exercise, especially if I'm going to have to fit into my bikini in less than a week!!! Talking of food, my Sunday dinner is ready now ;o)

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