Thursday, February 24, 2005

En route to Thailand - stop over in Singapore
Well I'm back at Singapore airport on the way to Bangkok. It's 6.15 here and I'm feeling pretty tired as I've had no sleep, I have 3 hours to kill till my next flight. The flight wasn't the best, was very bumpy and I had an Indian guy sat next to me who I don't think had flown before, he didn't know how to use anything (belt buckle, headset etc) and kept trying to ask me how (he didn't speak English either!) also he had no concept of the meaning 'this is my chair, stop leaning over me and digging your elbow in my side'... jeez, some people, thank god that flight is over!!
Anyway, going back to today... I didn't really do much earlier, just had a walk and a look in some shops. I went back to the apartment after lunch and started to pack my bags. I'm actually getting better at it, everything seems to fit in a lot better now, I guess I'll be an expert after the next few weeks! Said my goodbyes to Jeanette, I've had such a nice time staying with her... it was really kind of her to have me there. I decided on taking an autorickshaw to the airport, that was a hair-raising experience as it was a 40 min journey in the maddest and noisiest traffic. I'll quite miss riding in them actually, mind you I think they have something similar in Thailand.
Chennai airport had absolutely nothing there, had to wait for over 2 hours doing nothing... boring... and I've still got more waiting to do now, it's gonna be a long night!
I feel quite sad at leaving India, it has really grown on me since I've been there... from what I've seen it's an amazing country... and I hadn't even touched the surface. It's definitely not your luxury holiday though, I haven't really felt properly clean for the last 11 days as there was so much pollution, dust and muck about. I'm starting to miss dressing up nicely now, I feel a right mess. Maybe when I get to Australia I'll be in the position to make an effort again...I'm a bit lost without my hairdryer!! I also can't wait to get a bit of a legs haven't even seen the light of day yet... wearing shorts is frowned upon in India, but I'm sure I'll make up for it over the next 3 weeks!!
Ok, I'm just off to wonder around the airport, or fall asleep on a chair... not sure which yet ;o)

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