Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bangkok sightseeing experience
I had a pretty early night last night, after I left the internet cafe I treated myself to half a pineapple, it was gorgeous, I managed to eat the whole lot, unfortunately I felt a bit sick afterwards, had a bit of an overdose!! I watched a bit of The Mummy on TV, then fell asleep!!
Was up early this morning, had another fantastic breakfast, then went to Wat Pho (temple) and saw the reclining Buddha, which was pretty impressive. Had a wander round there for an hour or so, then I went onto the Grand Palace, now that was impressive too. It's not really the right weather for sightseeing though, it's absolutely sweltering here, I'm feeling so tired from it now.
It's funny people warned me about the locals that tell you the Temples are closed when they're not really, I had a few doing that to me, they then tell you other temples to go to and that it is too hot to walk and you should get a tuk tuk and they hail you one (apparently then the drivers take you to gem stores where they get a commission for taking you)...I just had to walk off in the end, they start off all friendly, but when you say no, they don't like it. It's not until you experience these things that you realise what everyone warns you about. Also some mad women came up to me and some other tourists and before I could even realise it she had thrust some bags of seed in my hand saying 'good luck good luck' and to throw it to the pigeons, I must have had about 5 packets, I couldn't stop her once she's started, she kept opening the bags and putting them in my hand, when I went to walk off she was asking me for money..I walked straight into that one! I gave her a bit, not what she asked for and then I walked off. At least now I know not to accept things from people and to keep my hands closed...I thought she was just being naive of me!!
I'm just going to get ready for my train ride to Ko Samui, will leave in an hour or so...

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