Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So it's the big day tomorrow..
...just under 24 hours until my first flight to Singapore ;o) I'm feeling a bit poorly today, my throat hurts and my head is pounding a bit....typical! I'm hoping it's a side effect from the anti-malarial tablets I'm taking. I've even had to try and avoid some of my friends that have the flu as I didn't want to catch their germs! Oh well, I'll probably go to the chemist later to get something to help.
The past couple of days I've been feeling a bit emotional, the last month has been really hard for me as I'm continually having to say goodbye to my family and friends, I know I'm going on a big adventure and I'm really excited, but it still is not easy :-( It's been lovely spending time with Mum again, I've got quite used to being back at home, it's going to be weird not being able to speak to her all the time.
Today is going to be another busy day, I've sorted all my stuff out, I'm just left with packing up my rucksack...again. I did another trial run on Monday night, I had this huge rucksack on my back and then a little rucksack on my front (like you'd carry a baby!!) Mum seemed to find this very amusing!!! Another thing is I can't take many books for the flights as they make the bag a lot heavier, I already have the big Lonely Planet guide books to take which weigh a ton. Anyway the doctor gave me some tablets to help me relax during the flights, (I'm really scared of flying!) so I'm hoping they'll knock me out and I won't need to read!!
So, better get on now, I'm hoping to be able to keep this blog updated as much as I until next time...... ;o)


Planty said...

So then Vik,

tomorrow is the big day... just remember to relax and enjoy, of course things will be hectic and perhaps a little unnerving, but if you keep your wits about you, you'll have a great time, and this time next year when its all over and you can look back on a really great trip full of adventures...

so... Good luck!!!
Stay in touch as much as is possible...

Miss you already.. Planty 01...! xxx

Anonymous said...

so exciting! cannot wait to read about your tales. safe travels and great adventures to you! we'll toast you on saturday night.

who knows what it takes to uproot yoursekf

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine, the fear's always worse than the thing itself, I bet you know that anyway (if not, you will soon), as Planty says, "enjoy".

Have fun,

Unka F.

P.S. Munich is becoming swamped in Pinot Grigio, no one knows why the consumption has gone down.