Wednesday, February 16, 2005

India Bangalore continued...
back again...I'm having real withdrawl symptoms from the internet!!
After I left you yesterday Kumar took me to the Shiva (one of the many gods') temple, where there is the biggest statue in India, they were painting it at the time tho so there was scaffolding all around it. Shiva is the father of the Elephant God, Ganesha who is the most widely worshipped God in India. Apparently there are 330 million Gods worshipped here, I must say I'm finding understanding the religions here pretty difficult and unusual.
We drove past the Government offices and the High Court, they were really pretty impressive buildings, and then we visited the aquarium, which was very very basic. We had a nice lunch where I tried a different curry, I'm trying to learn about all the different foods here as I haven't got a clue about curry, I only know Chana masala! Kumar must think I'm a bit odd!
I had my first real experience of Bangalore today, I am so glad I'm not on my own here otherwise I think I would hate it and would be pretty scared, it's just so manic and I really feel like I stick out like a sore thumb, there are hardly any Westerners here.
Last night Gav took me to a really cool restaurant, we were sat on the top floor and it was a really chilled out place with great music, I actually forgot I was in India. I tried some chilli paneer, which is cheese coated with chilli, I am trying to try more foods honest! actually it was really nice, but burned my mouth out for ages after.
I had a really good night there, it was really relaxing. Then we went home on an auto rickshaw, I tell you if I was scared in the car....that is nothing compared to this! The driver had big speakers in the back of the seat and had music blaring out and was driving like a complete lunatic, I'd had a couple of glasses of wine tho by that time, so it was more funny than anything!! When we got back I gave Mum a quick ring, and then Chris phoned me up later on, was lovely to speak to them again, I felt a bit homesick :-(
so thats me uptodate now, hopefully will log on again soon...until then...

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