Sunday, February 27, 2005

Greetings from Koh Samui
As you have seen from my SMS I have arrived in Koh Samui. What a long trip that was, I quite enjoyed it though. I met a few people on the way, one guy from Sweden sat opposite me spoke Thai so he was speaking to our neighbours for a while, they were really nice people. I learnt how to say 'I don't eat any meat' in Thai (well I've forgotten now, but I wrote it down!) I actually managed to get quite a lot of sleep on the train journey, the seats turned into beds which was very good. I was rudely awakened so many times to the sound of trains going past the other way and loud train signals, I was actually frightened sometimes wondering where I actually was. I think I was on the loudest train in the world, and it got pretty cold too as all the windows were open. I arrived in Surat Thani about 6am, then we had to get the bus to the pier, then hang around there for nearly 2 hours, then it was a 2 hour ferry trip. That was pretty cool, there are so many small islands to see. When I got to Lamai on Koh Samui, I started to regret not booking any accomodation, it was really hard work lugging all my bags in this heat, so I took one of the first places I saw. It is ok, but a little more than I wanted to pay, 500 baht, which is about 7 pounds (not much I know, but I'm on a budget here!) Anyway, after I'd sorted my stuff out I went for a wander and found another room for 300 baht...and it's not that much worse either, so I've arranged to move there tomorrow. I actually had to go on the back of this womans moped to get there as it was quite a bit of a walk back from where I was...that was fun, I've never been on one before! After that I laid on the beach for a few hours, the sea is gorgeous, the only thing that ruins it is all the stray dogs doing god knows what to each other, not very pleasant! I actually met a couple of German guys who are staying in the same place as me, they were ok, I had to laugh to myself of them looked like a young Jeremy Beadle!!
Just off out to get some dinner now, it seems really lively here ;o)

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