Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm back can't keep me away from these internet cafes, mind you they are everywhere!
I've just been for my dinner, am absolutely stuffed. I had my first authentic Thai meal, I ordered spicy noodles and veg, was a bit surprised when I got it as they didn't look like noodles, but like some sort of slimey fish, but I didn't let that put me off and it was absolutely lovely, I also had a Chang beer, cost me just over a pound, bargain!
I had a good day today, was up early and had a big breakfast, the hotel buffet was really great, that kept me going until this evening. Then I went to book my train tickets to the islands, it took me a while to find the cheapest place, I went to a travel agent in the end, it's a little more expensive, but it saves the hassle of doing it all yourself. So I leave tomorrow evening on the overnight train to Surat Thani, it gets there at 6am on Sunday, from there I get the boat to Ko Samui, I'll stay there about a week, and then I go to Ko Phangnan for another week or so, returning to Bangkok for a couple of days before I leave where hopefully I'll meet up with Ric and he'll show me the good bits of Bangkok. I must admit I haven't really ventured too far since I've been here.
After I booked my tickets I was tired from traipsing around, so I sat by the pool for a few hours, apparently it was 37 degrees hot, unbelievable, I ended up having to move into the shade after 20 mins, it was nice and relaxing though. Gonna do some touristy things tomorrow.
From what I've experienced so far of Bangkok, I actually think it's not as bad as everyone told me it would be, not that I've seen so much of it, but I was expecting more madness...I guess it's cos I came from the cities in India, that probably prepared me for it. It does seem very tame here, and the locals are so friendly, I really love walking around here ;o)
Ok, just off for another beer now!!

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Marty said...

Hey Vik,
seems like you are having a great time while all the rest of us have to do a hard work here ;-)
We are so pleased for you to hear everything you have experienced and it's so much more for you to look forward to. I wish i could veg out near the pool right now and explore a lovely thai food in the evenings like you can :-)
Take care and keep on updating. Big kiss. Martina x