Saturday, February 12, 2005

First stop Singapore
Wow, what an amazing couple of days!! I'm just writing this from Singapore airport, haven't got long so better make it quick.
My journey started on Thursday morning, I awoke at 3.30 and started to worry about how much stuff I had in my rucksack and I couldn't get back to I got up and unpacked it all and took out even more things that I might be able to do without and then packed it again! After a tearful goodbye to Mum, I got the coach to Heathrow and then had about 4 hours waiting for my flight (this all seems like ages ago now!). I actually was in a bit of a state about going, but once I'd said my goodbyes I felt a bit better especially after all the build up. The flight was long, 12 hours and quite bumpy in parts..luckily the tablets my doctor gave me worked pretty well. I must say I was very impressed with Singapore Airlines, they fed us loads of really nice food and lots of drinks, they also had TV sets on the back of the chairs with a choice of 60 films which meant I hardly got any sleep. So we landed in Singapore airport at 7.40am (on Friday) it was really midnight for me... which meant I lost a whole nights sleep, so as you can imagine me not sleeping the last 2 nights I have been absolutely shattered. The landing of the plane was quite cool as you don't fly over Singapore, it just descends over the water so it looks like you're not going to make dry land! Everything went so smoothly, the bags came out really quickly and then I got my transfer to the hotel. The first thing that striked me when I walked out the airport was the heat...oh my god, I've never known anything like it, well it's the humidity really, even at that time of the morning it was unbearable, it was 26 degrees already, I guess being just 1 degree north of the Equator would be the reason for that!! Another thing I was suprised about was everyone speaks English as a first language and everything is written in English apart from the odd bit of Chinese, there are 4 main languages spoken here, firstly English, then Chinese, Malay and Tamil, it's very odd, but nice for me!
Ok, my time is running out, going to see if I can get on another computer to get another 15. mins!!
Back anyway, I have to say I really love Singapore, it's a fantastic place and I definitely want to come back. When I got to my hotel I organised a half day city tour so I could fit as much in as possible cos I'm only here a short time, then I had a couple of hours sleep till 1pm. The tour was really worthwhile, although I was worn out and couldn't really seem to concentrate a lot. First off they took us to one of the oldest temples in Singapore called Thian Hock Keng Temple (Heavenly Temple), then we drove up to Mount Faber (2nd largest hill in Singapore) via Chinatown, unfortunately we didn't get to go on the cable car ride which looked pretty specacular as we only had a short time. Then we went to the Singapore gem and metals warehouse where they had some pretty amazing pictures made from gems and loads of lovely jewellery.
Going to have to go now, my time is running out again...and I've got so much to write. I'm now going to go on a quick mission to drink a Singapore Sling before my flight to Bangalore as thats one thing I haven't tried yet. Will continue soon ;o)


planty01 said...

wow that sounds cool, how did you mange to fit such a lot of things in...

The humidity is amazing isnt it, I had a similar experience when I arrived in South Korea, as soon as you walk out of the airport, the heat hits you... your shirt lieraly sticks to your back!!

Take it easy... next stop the Gav Meister!


jane said...

let us know how that singapore sling worked out and give our love to gav!!! ;)