Monday, February 28, 2005

Lazy days in Koh Samui...
Had a lovely day today, what an amazing place. I moved into my new home for the next few days this morning, it's actually not bad, it even seems a bit cooler than the other place, which is great as it's cheaper. So I settled in there and then headed to the beach. As I'd moved up the resort a bit, the beach was a bit nicer than where I was yesterday, and there weren't any stray dogs! I went in the sea for the first time, it was just bliss, so warm but still refreshing. I saw the island for what everyone told me it was like today, it's just a tropical paradise and I can't believe I'm here ;o) I was sat under a palm tree all day, I had corn on the cob from one of the Thai guys who walk up and down the beach, he cooks the corn on his little barbeque in front of was delicious, then I had some fresh pineapple for dessert, what a way to live... I've come to the point now I don't even know what day it is and can't even imagine having to go to work everyday...sorry, don't mean to make you all jealous!!
I met a couple of Israelis today, they seemed ok until one of them kept asking if he could massage me....I scarpered a bit quick after that! Just before I went back to the bungalow I took a walk right up the other end of the beach, thought I'd better get some exercise!
I'm off out again for dinner now, it's a really lively resort, although it doesn't seem so busy right now. The food is fantastic and the people are so friendly, I can see why people keep coming back to Thailand. I saw my first 'lady boys' last night too...oh my god, they look fantastic, what a laugh!!!

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