Monday, February 21, 2005

India - Chennai cont...
Had quite a relaxing day yesterday, we were supposed to go to the cinema to see a Hindi movie, but in the end we took Jeanette's friends' kids to see The Polar Express..not quite the right time of year for it, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. In the evening we decided to be a bit more cultured, so I watched my first Bollywood film. It was ok I guess, but it went on for so long, I think it was 3.5 hours (with subtitles) everytime it looked like it was going to finish they burst into song again, don't think I'll be watching another one!!
I am starting to get badly bitten by the mosquitos. There isn't any netting on the windows where I'm staying, and as it's so hot, they always keep the windows open...not good for me. It's weird cos noone else seems to get bitten like me, I had to put a jumper and socks on in the end to cover my skin, and that's not very comfortable cos it's so hot and sticky. I woke up this morning and I have the most horrendous bumps all over me, my hand is so swollen it looks twice it's normal size, thank goodness for my Aloe Vera gel!
It's so nice waking up to a sunny day everyday. I must say that Bangalore was the most comfortable climate so far, even though it was hot, it was bearable...Chennai is really humid, but because it's on the coast there is a nice breeze which does make it better. I'm actually quite gutted cos apparently the beach here isn't very nice, so no sunbathing for me :-(
This morning I took a stroll down the road to the Kalakshetra foundation, I was told that you can see them making saris, and also watch the dance classes, unfortunately I got there at lunchtime and they stop for 2 hours break so I just decided to walk back to the apartment... luckily seeing this internet cafe on the way.


Planty said...

Get one of those plugs for the wall that you slip in a little white card in - its a mosquito repelant and it works really well. I am sure they sell it there?!? You can have it on int he night.. the cards only last 1 day though.. not expensive!

Anonymous said...

You may be able to buy a plug at the airport