Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Had a quietish weekend, I went out on Friday night, but the rest of it I tried to relax a bit as I'd had a really busy week. I had a trial run with the packing of my rucksack on Sunday, got a bit stressed as it started to get really heavy, so I had to take it all out again and re-think what I actually need to take. Everyone keeps saying that I can buy stuff when I'm there as it's really cheap, actually I might have to as a lot of my summer clothes are now too big for me...I was quite chuffed cos normally it's the other way round, on the other hand it's annoying as I bought them all for Munich's hardly existant summer last year so I'd hardly even worn them!! oh well.
I had a mail from Gav who I'm visiting in Bangalore, India. He asked me if I wanted to go on a safari while I'm there, although it would mean staying in the jungle for a night...I said absolutely...it's not often you get a chance like that, I just hope there are no snakes there! I also managed to get hold of a friends' sister who I'm going to be staying with in Chennai (Madras). She sounded really nice, she's used to having people who are travelling through stay with her, I'm looking forward to meeting her. She mentioned that I could go horseriding with them, should be interesting as I haven't been on a horse since I was about 8!!!
I was also looking into what I can do in Singapore while I'm there...it looks like the answer is shopping...I can' t believe how many shopping centres there seems to be there, I will definitely have to make some more room in my rucksack now!!
I was in a bit of a tiz again last night, but I spoke to Chris on the phone and he managed to calm me down...again...sometimes I wish I was a bit more laid back.
So this week I've got some more friends to visit and a few more bits and pieces to buy, but I'm getting there slowly, I also need to get my travellers cheques. Having my hair chopped later on today too.
oh and I had a lovely early Valentines suprise this morning...12 beautiful red roses ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Yep - agree you should make more room in your rucksack, as "one" item (which you don't know yet) definitely has to go with you! :-)