Friday, February 18, 2005

India, Bangalore continued....
On Wednesday Kumar took me to another national park, unfortunately I'm not prepared today and I've forgotten the name of it! (Edit: it was Bannerghatta National Park) Anyway, it was really cool, we went on a safari which lasted 1.5 hours We drove through an elephant park, bear park, tiger and lion park. Saw loads and loads of animals again, even a white tiger, I've seen so many animals since I've been here, I'm becoming a right David Bellamy!! Have lots of photos too and I can't wait to see them properly. After the safari we stopped off for some food and then I went home for a rest...all this lady of leisure business is really tiring!! Then after Gav finished work we went out for dinner again, he took me to another really nice restaurant where I tried a couple of new dishes again...I'm getting a lot better with the spicy foods now!
Thursday I went to a proper Indian shopping mall, I was really suprised at how modern it was, there were quite a few Western shops there too, I was looking in one of the department stores and the CDs are about 5 pounds and Gav tells me that's expensive for here! After that Kumar took me to a handicraft place which had some really beautiful hand made rugs, hand carved ornaments and silk scarves amongst other things, but I didn't enjoy the fact that the salesman kept walking behind me trying to sell me everything in the shop..I know it's the way they do it here, but I couldn't wait to leave the shop, I suppose it's good preparation for Thailand.
Went out for dinner again, Gav says he hasn't been out quite so much before this week!! He really knows the good places to go though. This restaurant was right on the 13th floor, luckily for us the lift was working, mind you after I could have done with walking down the stairs after to walk the food off!! I had the best meal I've had in ages and couldn't stop till I'd nearly eaten it all....bad idea! I really can't believe how cheap everything is, you can go out for a nice dinner with a few drinks for about 4 pounds, and thats in a posh restaurant, it's great.
Off to a fair I think this afternoon, although I'm a bit wary on going on any rollercoasters here...I'll probably have to see what it looks like first, so wish me luck!
PS. Having a few problems with the photos on this site and I can't change the size of the text either, so bear with me.

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