Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nothing much to tell this week. I had my haircut last night, I was really pleased with it...first time in ages.
I forgot to say that I made the mistake of colouring my hair myself last weekend. I've been really bored with it and wanted a change, so I bought myself a red hair dye. Well, I made the stupidest mistake doing it (especially stupid as I used to be a hairdresser) I forgot that if you put a red colour directly onto bleached highlights (which is what I've got) it goes very orange. I'd only had the colour on 5 minutes when I remembered this... I looked at my hair and immediately washed the colour out, it was looking very orange already!! So I was kicking myself for doing's not really that bad, it's just really grabbed and it's quite bright on my highlights. The colour really took after only 5 minutes, so I'm glad I didn't leave it on any longer. I've even had a few people say how nice it looks, but now I just want to go back to my old colour, it's a bit too coppery for my liking.
Anyway, that was my drama for the week!
This made me laugh...I was reading the news the other day, the UK pop group, Girls Aloud are in Sydney at the moment, they went to Taronga zoo and they were having their pictures taken with the koalas, and 2 of them got peed on by a koala...hahaa!! Also John Cleese has made the headlines here slagging off Palmerston North (in North island of New Zealand) where he recently toured. He said it was the most miserable place, and the weather was just awful...the funny thing is that Jason, Todd and a few of my other friends are all from there....I'm sure they won't be very happy with that!! To Palmerson North's credit, I've been there and it's not really that bad (well apart from the weather!).

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