Monday, February 27, 2006

Had a pretty quiet weekend really. My medical was pretty quick and straightforward on Saturday, I only had to have a chest x-ray which took a couple of seconds. I have to wait a week for the results. After that, Jason and I just had a look around the shops (I didn't buy anything!)
In the evening we went around to Linn and Martin's for dinner. Martin's brother was over from Sweden, and a couple of other friends, so that was a really nice evening. Sometimes I like just going to someones house rather than going to the pubs.
Last night we went to see Derailed at the cinema. It was a really good film, a good thriller.
I'm feeling pretty sick now, I thought I'd better go to the doctors after work on Friday as my cough was still really bad. He just prescribed me anti-biotics, which I wasn't going to take, I don't like just taking them for something like a cough, as you can just get immune to them. Anyway, I woke up on Saturday and I felt quite bad, so I thought I'd actually better go and get my prescription (and I got told off by my flatmate who said I should take them...she wasn't worried about me, she just didn't want me spreading my germs around...charming!) I didn't feel too bad yesterday, but I had a really bad sleep last night, and today my chest is really rattly and wheezy, I sound like an old woman and I'm hurting and exhausted from coughing so much...who'd have thought a little cough could cause so much hassle! I should really have stayed home today, but I really need to work as I need the money.

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jane said...


hope you feel better soon. sorry about your GRUMPY flatmate. sounds like she must be fun to live with!