Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Had a lovely weekend, on Saturday Jason and I went to a travel expo to check out prices for flights to Europe and also on wedding destinations...want to go somewhere exotic!! So we had a good look around and got lots of ideas to think over. In the evening, we went with Todd and Rach and Stu to watch Walk the Line at the cinema, it was a great film, I really recommend it, I loved the music. We ended up going to the pub after for a drink, it was supposed to be a quiet weekend, but after that we went to Linn and Martins and we ended up drinking lots of wine and their duty free liquor collection (butterscotch schnapps, mmmmm, tastes just like butterscotch angel delight!!) so it was another unplanned late night!
On Sunday, we took a drive to the Royal National Park, about an hours drive south of here. We had a really relaxing, chilled day, we took a picnic too. We were going to hire a rowing boat, but neither of us could be bothered, so we got back in the car and found a little beach and a lagoon...the water was blissful and it was very calm, so we were in the sea for ages....lovely!! Didn't do much in the evening, just watched some TV.
I'm still working at the same place, not sure whether they'll extend my contract onto next week, I'll find out tomorrow hopefully. It's been so busy, the students all went back on Monday, so we had loads of last minute enrollments to do, my feet didn't touch the ground, it was manic, but the days have been flying by, which is the most important thing!! I'm learning lots more now, so I don't have to ask the others everytime someone has a question, which is great.

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Planty said...

good luck on the job front!! Speak soon.xxx