Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We had a really good day yesterday. We had an appointment with our immigration agent, and we finally got some positive news (it's mostly been bad news up until now). I won't go into it as it's really boring, but keep your fingers crossed!!
Also, because of this, we were able to book our flights to Europe for my brothers wedding in June. We first go to England for a week, then fly to Vienna and stay with Chris and Martina for a while, then we're going to go to Munich for a few days too, then back to Slovakia again for the wedding.....I'm going to be a bridesmaid too (I was really flattered to be asked by Martina ;o))....I'm so excited, Jason's getting earache from me cos I keep going on about it all, it'll be so lovely so see everyone again and be back in Europe and of course to see my big brother get married!!
I haven't started work yet, was supposed to start today, but I had a call from them asking if I could start tomorrow instead, it gives me time to sort out a few things for the immigration dept.

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Planty01 said...

Hey hey, great news... we are looking forward to having you! We will have a great time... xxx laters.fxiwk