Monday, February 20, 2006

They gave me a lovely farewell at work on Friday, I was really touched. They'd bought a lovely pear and almond cake and they gave me a card and a present, how sweet! I got to take half of the cake home too, we just finished it last much for the diet!!
I had to go to the doctors on Friday evening to get my Hepititus A & B booster immunisations. Last time I had it in my bum, but this time it was in my's still really sore now!! We were supposed to play tennis on Saturday afternoon, but it ached too much.
We had a pretty quiet weekend, didn't go out on Saturday night as we are trying to save some money. Yesterday we went to the gay and lesbian mardi gras show in the city. It was very interesting, we saw some funny sights. I've never seen so many dogs in one place, they all have these little tiny dogs with them. There was a dog show where the owners had to take their dogs over all these obstacles, including jumping through a tranvestites legs!! It was very amusing. We didn't stay there that long, the weather was so hot, the weekend has been a bit unbearable. We've had the fan on all weekend, even today the sun isn't out, but it's really muggy....I hate it when it's like this (you poor soul I hear you say!!)
We went for a swim yesterday afternoon to cool down, I only went for a dip, but Jason went for a snorkel.....poor him, he came back after a while...he'd been stung by a jellyfish, he'd had to go over to the first aid, I thought he'd been gone ages!! He was in agony, said it was like having really really bad sunburn, we put some ice on his back (it was bright red and blistered) when we got back, and it eased the pain. I'm so glad I didn't go with him, I'd have freaked out, and probably never have gone back in the sea again!!

I have today and tomorrow off before I start my new job on Wednesday, it's nice to have a long weekend.

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