Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yesterday was a good day, we managed to get to the beaches. First we went to Sandbanks, it's the 3rd most expensive place in the world to buy real estate, we had a look in the estate agent windows and 6.5 million was the top price we saw (a bit out of our price league!!) and that was only for a 4 bedroom house. We took a walk from Sandbanks to Shore Road and then back along the Marina, then I drove to Branksome Chine, another beach where I used to go years ago. They really are lovely beaches, very different to Sydney where there are lots of small beaches, down here they are long beaches all joined together, huge stretches of white sand. I did take lots of photos, but Mum's computer is so slow I haven't got the patience to download them onto my blog now! We sunbathed for a couple of hours, it was so hot, we even went in the sea to cool down (it was pretty freezing tho!!). And I managed to get a sunburnt face, I couldn't believe it, I've been in Australia for over a year and only managed to burn accidently once, but I come here and I've burnt my face twice already, it's not that I haven't been careful either, very strange. It's been the hottest couple of days this year, the heatwave is supposed to last till the weekend.
Today we were up early to catch the train to Bath to meet up with Jason's family. We had a lovely day there, the city is really nice and it was nice to meet his cousins and aunty. We went to see the Roman Baths too. Again I took some really nice photos which I will try and download soon. I came back this afternoon, Jason will come back tomorrow morning, it gave me a bit of time to spend with my Mum tonight .....mind you, we've been busy trying to sort out all my clothes that I want to take back. I've got so many clothes you wouldn't believe, I'd forgotten I had so many, it's been really hard deciding what to take with me. I had to buy one of those suction bags so that I can shrink all my clothes to make them smaller, what a nightmare! It's not fair that I can't take all my stuff back. Anyway, we've managed to sort that out, so off to bed soon. Looking forward to the England game tomorrow....come on England!!!

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