Friday, January 20, 2006

We had a lovely evening on Tuesday meeting all the family. There were lots of us there for dinner and we had a bit of a laugh, it was great to meet everyone finally.
Next day we went for a bit of a drive, and some ice cream, we saw a bit more of Christchurch. Then in the evening we went our for dinner at one of these all you can eat buffets...and I did eat all I could...I felt quite sick afterwards!
Today I was up at 3am to get to the airport for my 6am flight back to Sydney, I had a bit of a sleep when I got back home and feel a bit better now. I feel sorry for Mum, she's flying to Sydney, then she's got a 6 hour wait until her flight to's going to be a long day for her! I was really sad saying goodbye to her, she's been with me for the last 5.5 weeks, and I kind of got used to her being around....I hate goodbyes. But we had a lovely holiday, I just hope I didn't wear her out with all the travelling and sightseeing!!
I've got some good news, I just phoned around all the recruitment agencies, and one phoned me back with a job that starts on Monday for 4 weeks, which is such good news as I'm very, very skint...I'll have to start saving up for my flight home now!

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