Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope all your celebrations went well. I'm just at the airport and have found time for a quick update....I'll start from Thursday.
We went to Featherdale wildlife park on Thursday. I wanted Mum to see the native Australian animals before she left. It was quite a small park, but had a variety of animals, including loads of koalas and kangaroos etc. I think Mum was quite impressed! Mum and I went into the petting zoo to see the goats and sheep, we nearly let the goats out (by accident of course!) they got through one of the gates, and we had to try to shoo them back inside...luckily this Irish chap came by and helped us out, otherwise we'd have been stuck there for hours! So we had a nice day there. Later on we went to the Rocks and met up with Lisa and Steve again, we just sat outside a pub and had some food and some drinks, it ended up being quite a late night.
Friday Mum and I went to the shopping mall, I wanted to find an outfit for New Years Eve (it's a running tradition of mine to buy something new to wear for it). I was in luck too!! After shopping, in the evening we went to the cinema and saw a soppy romantic film which we both really enjoyed.
Saturday we got up early and I took Mum on the ferry to Manly. We had a really nice time there, Mum enjoyed it, it's always good to take someone on the ferry, the scenery is so beautiful. We had a bit of a sunbathe and I had a swim in the sea....but it was very hot. I have to go now, my flight is due to board soon....I'll update again soon from New Zealand.

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