Monday, January 23, 2006

Back to the grindstone today for me, I started my first day at work since about 6 weeks. It seems that I always get the boring jobs and the jobs working for the most disfunctional groups!! I'm working at TAFE (adult education) again, (the Head office was the first place I worked when I arrived in Sydney...remember the Dragon!) anyway, I'm now at one of the campuses working in the International Students office, and today I spent the whole day sticking stickers onto some brochures they had made up...exciting stuff!! I know I shouldn't complain, it is money, but I must admit, I'm dying for this temping business to finish, it's a bit demeaning some of the work I've had to do since I've been here!
Anyway, as for the weekend, Jason and I went out for a lovely meal on Saturday night, we found a really nice Mexican restaurant which had great food. We then ended up going out till all hours to the club down the road....well, it was my first night out in ages!! so Sunday I was really tired. We went down the pub in the afternoon to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen for a while so that was nice. I had to come home at 8 though cos I wanted to phone Mum to check she got back ok after her long journey. She sounded quite well considering, she was very tired though. We ended up talking for about 45 mins, which is mad we had so much to talk about as we'd only just seen each other!! anyway, she said she had a lovely holiday.
I've just been on the bus home from work and 2 guys got on to check everyones bus tickets...I've never seen that before here, it brought back memories of being in Munich and getting checked all the time.

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