Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm just trying to remember what I've done over the past week!
Oh yes, on Wednesday evening I went to a meditation class which was really very interesting, although I haven't practised what I learnt, I must get around to finding time every day.
I've been going to the gym in the mornings, and I must say it's really making a difference, I'm starting to get lines on my abs where I'm getting more toned, it's quite motivating! I'll have to keep it up. Plus I tried on my first wedding dress last week, so I just keep picturing myself in my dress and how I want to look. Trying on my first dress was a weird experience I must say. I felt a bit like I was dressing up in my Mums clothes like I wasn't old enough to be wearing a wedding dress! I know I am, but in my head I'm still 18!! The dresses were gorgeous, the first one was lovely, but not really 'the one'....the second one I fell in love with, but I'm not sure it's appropriate for a beachy wedding, but the lady did say, it shouldn't matter, it's what you want thats the most important thing, so we'll see. I've been dying to tell Jason about it, but obviously I can't! I'm getting quite excited about it. It was improptu, I wasn't planning on trying on a dress yet, but I was waiting to meet a friend so thought I'd pop in and get prices, but ended up trying a couple on! I told my Mum about it the other day, and we're both looking forward to when she comes over so we can go looking together. Jason and I actually bought our wedding rings last weekend too. Again, it wasn't planned, we just went to get an idea for prices, but we saw a couple of really nice rings at a great price so thought sod it, we've got to get them at some point!
What else....Friday night we had our works Christmas party, I had Sue's lovely dress to wear, and one of my colleagues brought in a fascinator (head piece) that his wife had made, it was beautiful, the colour was really lovely, it had a deep red rose and deep red feathers and some black beading, I'm going to put a photo on my blog soon. It was quite funny as soon as I walked in Luigi grabbed me and said to me and Katherine that we'd make his Christmas if he could have his picture taken with us, so we did that, and then I was just about to walk off, when the big boss asked Luigi to get me back cos he wanted his photo taken with us too!! I've never met the CEO before, so it was a bit scary trying to keep a nice smile without twitching too much! We had a really good night, the party was at the NSW Art Gallery, but it did finish really early, so after a few of us went to Oxford St for a few drinks. Me and my boss were the last ones out, he made sure I got in the taxi ok, I just hope I didn't say anything stupid...I can't really remember!!
Yesterday, we had to get up early for our X-rays for our backs. I wasn't in the best of form! We'd also planned to go to the races with Gemma and Garry, so I had to get dressed up again. I felt a bit weird tho as I wore the same as I'd had on the previous night, but you have to wear a fascinator at the races!! About 5pm I started to feel a bit dodgy so Jason and I went home. It was absoulutely throwing it down with rain, I tell you, the weather has been really rubbish here lately, and it was supposed to be the first day of summer on Friday!
Today we've just been shopping and we bought our first Christmas tree, I'm really pleased, and we got some nice decs too, not sure when we should put them up, asap I think...I'm not in the Christmas spirit again this year, it's definitely not as commercialised over here.

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jane said...

put the pic up!!! i don't know what a fascinator is but i need to see one.