Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday it was Anzac Day, so everyone gets a day off work. I met up with Sue and her boyfriend and a couple of other friends at the RSL club in Mossman. It took me a while to get there as I had to get one bus to the city, then I got stuck at Martin Place, I couldn't get through as the Anzac Day parade was still going on....eventually I made it, and managed to get my next bus. We had lunch and a few drinks, then we went downstairs for the main event of '2 up'. I hadn't played it before, but I know it's a tradition on every Anzac day, the soldiers used to play it to pass time. Basically, everyone stands around in a huge circle, to play you have to put some money in your hand and place it by your head (which means you bet on heads) and then someone else can come up to you and give you the same amount of money, and that means they get tails (or you can do it the other way around). Then the guys in the circle toss the 2 coins, and when 2 coins come up the same, whoever has betted correctly wins all the money (if that makes any sense!) It was such great fun, and really rowdy, everyone is shouting 'Heads or Tails'...Roger gave me $5 to start me off, I managed to get up to $15, then I lost it all again...oh well, it's definitely good to get involved!! They play '2 up' all afternoon, and they were still going on at 6pm when we left, I can see it's very addictive!! Towards the end people were betting much more that the $5 we were!! What a great way to spend the afternoon!! and another's actually illegal to play it any other time in the year.

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