Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We went to the Basement on Saturday night to watch a band, they were really good, it's very expensive there though, we spent a fortune. Sunday I didn't get much done at all, Jason's shifts have change at work, so he's now working every Sunday. I just lazed around really, but it was such a long boring day, the clocks went back too which made it much worse.
It's starting to cool down here now, the evenings are much more bearable and I'm even using a duvet (or doona as they call them here) at night which I love. The temperatures are now varying from about 23 - 27 degrees...and at night it is very cool. I'm really looking forward to wearing the small amount of winter clothes I have got! I didn't really have much of a winter last year as I was away for 6 weeks of it in Queensland, and it's like summer up there in winter. I really do miss the seasons, Autumn and Spring are mostly hot or warm, so you really get 9 months of summer weather in the year, so if you like changes in seasons, it's not really the greatest climate and I'm sick of wearing the same summer clothes....I'm happy it's going to be winter soon ;o) Sorry, listen to me moaning...you can tell I've got far too much time on my hands!!

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