Tuesday, January 18, 2005

So I arrived back in rainy old England on Sunday night after 16.5 hours on the road in a van coming from Munich. What a long and tiring day! Thanks to Simon and Mark for helping me get all my stuff back to Mum’s, I don’t know what I’d have done without them. I think they had a good (but short) time in Munich, we all got to hear some schooldays gossip about my brother Chris which is always amusing!
I had a fantastic last couple of weeks in Munich…loads of leaving parties and meals with all my friends. I’m so sad to leave everyone behind, especially Chris (I could never have managed without him!!) It was a really difficult decision…but I must get on with this new part of my life now!!

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Planty said...

Hey Vikki (planty 02),

we are all going to miss you loads, especially Me, it was great to have my little sister about for the last 5 years...

however, life must go on so heres a big "good luck" to you and the future, but should you ever want to come back ... you'll always be welcome...

See you soon

Big Kisses.. xxx Chris (planty 01).