Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm really excited today...I finally bought my flight tickets yesterday ;o) I've still got butterflies now!! I was in the travel agents for about 2 hours and when I came out I was walking round the shops grinning like a fool. It's quite hard to believe that I've actually done it, how things are happening so quickly is very scary.
I'm leaving UK on 11th Feb... here are my destinations (just to make you jealous!!)
First stop is Singapore for one night, I think I'll treat myself to a posh hotel as they're pretty cheap there! Then I'm flying to Bangalore, India to stay with Gavin. After approx a week there I will get the train to Chennai (Madras) where I'm hoping to stay with a friends' sister for a few days. From there I'll fly to Bangkok and hopefully meet up with Ric and Nats. I have 3 weeks travelling around Thailand and then I fly off 'down under' to Sydney for approx 10 months. I have some family living there and they said I can stay with them for a little while. I will try and get some work more or less straight away, save up a bit more money then I will travel up the East coast for a while. Hopefully Mum will come over for Christmas and then we'll fly to New Zealand together to visit some more family that live there. After 3 weeks there I'm going to Fiji (I just had to go there!!) then I'm flying to LA to hopefully visit my Grandad who lives there....and then travelling to San Francisco for a few days from where I'll fly back to London.
I hope you're all suitably jealous now ;o)
ok, I'm off now to find out more info on my destinations!!

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Planty said...

wohhayyyy... thats great...

Marty and me are very jealous...

At last you can go and do what you always wanted to.. just make sure you enjoy every minute..

take care... xxx
Planty 01