Thursday, January 27, 2005

I’m feeling really good today, Mum and I had a really productive day at the shops. I managed to pick up my travel tickets (all 11 of them!), I booked hotels and bus transfers for my stays in Singapore and Bangkok, £50 for 3 nights accommodation…not bad! (I’m actually staying at the hotel in Bangkok that my brother stayed in in 1997, I hope it’s not gone downhill since then). Then I hit the shops buying my rucksack and all the essential things I need for my travels, like a travel hairdryer…I know I’m useless!! But really I did get most of the things I will need, I spent an absolute fortune too, this is definitely not a cheap thing to do. I was chuffed cos I managed to pick up a really good rucksack in the sale, it seems a bit complicated to get all the strap settings right as there are so many of them, but I think once I’ve set it up it should be ok.
I got a bit homesick again today…on the way home we stopped off at Lidl and of course all the products are German…I gave Mum a few lessons though…she was really impressed! There were even some German students in the shop so I felt a bit like I’d never left Munich ;o)
So I have to go now and cross the things off my list that I bought today…and to watch Desperate Housewives….yes I’m getting addicted to the T.V. since I’ve been back!!

Just back quickly…I’ve been checking properly how much room there is in my rucksack…how on earth I’m going to fit everything in I don’t know…arrrgh!!

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Planty said...

hey... nice one, at least you dont have to use mums purple rucksack (good job we threw it in the skip).
I stayed at that hotel in christmas 1998. It was fine.. buffet breakfest and meals.. no problems.