Friday, March 25, 2005

The weather has cheered up a bit ;o) yesterday was a really nice warm day (as long as you were in the sun) I was up early to go to the gym for my induction, I then spent about another hour there doing my exercises so I'm a bit stiff today! It's a really nice modern gym (Fitness First), they do lots of different classes, so I'm looking forward to trying those out.
When I got back I spent the afternoon sending my CV off to the recruitment agencies, unfortunately I forgot that it's Easter weekend and they won't be open now until Tuesday, so I'm going to have to wait until I hopefully hear something back.
Today I went into the city again, I thought I would go to the King's Cross area which is where all the backpackers go to stay. I'd heard that they put postings of jobs and flat shares in the hostels, I went into quite a few, but they only share the ads with people that are staying with them...which I guess is only fair. I went into one hostel to find out how much it would cost to stay there long term, the guy at reception was asking me all sorts of questions, like where I was from (he actually knows Bournemouth) then he was asking who did my hair....then he asked if I could sing!! He said he was looking for a singer.....yeah right, I just said, I'll see you then! Kings Cross is a red light area, so as you can imagine it's a bit seedy, I didn't like being there at all.
So I walked back into town, through Hyde's like being in London, all the names are the same! Absolutely nothing was open today, it reminded me of Munich on a public holiday, mind you it wasn't quite as bad as Munich cos not even any of the cafes or restaurants were open which I was really suprised about, well Hungry Jacks (Burger King) was open, so I got myself a veggie burger....I had no choice!!
I had picked up a few leafets on my way through the hostels, so I've just been doing a bit more research on the internet since I've been back. I've actually got a flat to look at tomorrow and a couple more to phone today, so fingers crossed!
Back to the weather, it was lovely this morning, but the wind is getting up again and the skies are black...great!!
Hyde Park
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