Thursday, March 03, 2005

Koh Samui - Island tour
Today was a good day, got picked up by the tour bus at 9am where I met Riggly. The tour of the island was really worth doing, we got to see most of it. We started off by going to Wat Plai Leam (temple) it was only built last year though and it wasn't really very impressive. Next it was to visit Big Buddha, which is a massive gold statue that overlooks the sea, it's supposed to watch over the people of Koh Samui and bring whoever visits it good luck. We saw a monkey show where the monkeys are trained to climb up the palm trees and throw down the coconuts, that was pretty cool, plus we got to have our photos taken with the monkey on our arm!! They gave us some fresh coconut and some coconut water which was yummy, I also bought some coconut oil, it smells gorgeous but I think I've got a long way to go to get enough of a tan to be able to wear it on the beach without burning!!! We also saw a mummified monk, apparently he was 80 years old when he found out he had a vision was going to die within a couple of months so he asked for his body to be mummified... this was 32 years ago, was a bit creepy actually. We saw Grandmother and Grandfather Rock by the sea, the brochure nicely calls them 'Unusual stone formations' but basically they look like the male and female genitalia, was quite funny to see them, and you can imagine I got a few funny photos of Riggs with them! After that was the Namuang Waterfall and then our last stop was the Nathon town for a quick look around. Was a cool day, I really enjoyed it, we've just booked another tour for tomorrow which I'm really excited about, so watch this space....

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