Saturday, March 26, 2005

Had another early start today, Kath took me to the supermarket this morning....Misty was running out of cat food! I went into the city pretty much straight afterwards, I had phoned up about another flatshare last night, so I had 3 to see today. The first one I saw was full of hippies, they seemed nice, but the house wasn't very nice and the room was really tiny, plus just 1 bathroom between 4 onto the next one. This one was just around the corner, first impression it was on a busy main road, so not good anyway, the house was ok, but the guy really creeped me out, I felt so uncomfortable in there on my own with him, I couldn't wait to get out!! so no luck there either. The walk to the houses was quite interesting, I hadn't been to that side of the city before, there were lots of mad people walking about shouting to noone in particular and it's obviously a gay area. After seeing these two places I started to get a bit disheartened, so I didn't have any hopes about the next place, but as it turns out I was pleasantly suprised. It was a Victorian terraced house split into 2 apartments, the landlord has converted the top 2 or 3 floors for himself and the bottom 2 floors are for his tenants. It's all been newly renovated, and is really clean which is good. There are 2 bedrooms which he is going to rent out, there are a couple of downpoints though, as I can't afford to live on my own, I was hoping to get to meet some people through a flatshare, but there is no communal lounge area there, so each room is pretty much self sufficient (apart from the seperate kitchen) so I don't know if we'll just keep to ourselves, also there is no phone or TV, but apart from that it's ok, plus I don't have to give lots of notice when I move out, so I could always move in there and still keep looking. The best thing though is the location, it's right in the city centre, literally a stones throw from the shops and the price is very good too. He said for me to think about it tonight and give him a ring tomorrow, anyway, he may even decide not to give me the room, I'll have to see. So I had a pretty good day, it gave me an idea of what properties in the city are like and what the prices are.
I'm glad something positive came out of it, I was feeling a bit down earlier. I'm really missing my family and friends and my life in Munich, I guess I'm just feeling lonely cos I haven't been out and met any people my age yet, so I'll be glad once I get a job and I settle in a bit. Apart from that things are going great ;o)

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