Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Last day in Thailand :-(
I had a really good day yesterday, I met up with Ric in the morning, he looks really well, he's got a suntan and he's lost a lot of weight. Was nice to see him, he sounds like he's really enjoying Thailand...I can't blame him!
We started off by getting the bus into the city centre, I wouldn't have dared getting on a bus on my own, but he obviously knew where he was going. We spent some time walking around there, it was absolutely packed and sooo hot there, but it was good to see. We went to this massive shopping mall and spent ages walking around there, they have so much tacky stuff to sell it's unbelievable.
After we'd been there we met up with Ric's Thai friend, Nong, she is visiting from Chang Mai. We both wanted to do a river cruise along the Chao Phraya river, so we booked a long tail boat and spent 2.5 hours sailing along there. I was so amazed at how many houses there are along the river, some are really nice, but others are not so great. All the families were waving at us as we went past.
That was our day spent, so after that Ric took us to a Thai restaurant on the pier, I got to try some food I never would have tried before which was a good experience, my mouth was burning for ages after I can tell you!! When we'd finished dinner, we went to The Shamrock!! (nothing like the one in Munich!) they had a live band playing, so we had a couple of beers and watched them. We had good fun, Nong's English was excellent, she's a really nice girl, it was nice to meet a Thai person. I've learnt a bit of Thai too, only Hello, Thank you and Cheers, it's taken the whole time I've been here for the words to actually sink in!! I'm really sad to leave here, but I'm definitely coming back in the future where I hope to see some more of the country.
So, I'm just off to meet Ric again, he's coming to the airport with me as he's got a friend that works there. I've got a couple of things to do before I leave, got a little bit more money to spend!!! so until next time.....

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