Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We had a nice weekend, Jason's friends were down from Brisbane, they weren't staying with us, but we did catch up with them on Friday and Saturday night, so I was feeling pretty tired yesterday. We were also really busy doing wedding stuff. On Saturday we went to a wedding stationery shop, we had an appointment with the woman who owned it, she hand makes all the invitations etc, the stationery was beautiful, there were so many to choose from. So we told her what we were looking for and she drew up a couple of designs and gave us a quote. Obviously we wanted to shop around a bit, so after we went to another place where my friend from work got hers. The invitations weren't quite as nice, but we started to look around the shop and saw that you can actually make your own, which intrigued us. We had a lot of ideas and the lady in the shop helped us find all the stuff we needed, so we bought a couple of blank cards etc for a test run before we made up our minds. So, on Sunday we got out the craft glue, the glue gun and all our other bits and bobs and got to work. I was quite happy cos Jason and I really wanted the same style, so there were no arguments about that ;o) We made two cards, the second much better than the first, but we were really impressed with how they turned out, so I think we will probably go with making them. I'm really pleased we are making them, I think it adds a personal touch (but don't worry, they don't look like 5 year olds made them!!) This was the first wedding thing Jason and I have really done together, apart from looking at hotel websites, so it was really nice to do this with him, I'm sure sometimes Jason feels like I'm taking over...he's probably right though, I'm a bit of a control freak, but I'm trying to keep him involved!
So that's about it from me. I've got a pretty quiet week this week, no college which is nice. We're playing tennis tomorrow night, and then I'm off to the Blue Mountains on Friday after work for the weekend with Sue. We are going to a retreat I found out about through the meditation school I sometimes go to. It looks really beautiful on the website, it'll be a nice break away with no TV, or alcohol! I just hope it's not one of those retreats where you can't talk all weekend....I definitely think we would struggle with that one!!

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