Sunday, April 27, 2008

We had a really great weekend. It started on Thursday after work where I just went for a couple of drinks for Svet's leaving do. Then Friday, we drove over to Andy and Nicola's place. We left for the pub about 3pm, it was absolutely heaving as it was Anzac day. We managed to get a good spot outside and stayed there for a few drinks. When it got a bit later, we wanted to get to the RSL to play a bit of 2 up and to see the band. The 2up was set up on the lawns outside, it was packed. We managed to get there in time for the last of the games, I lost 2 and won 1. Nicola won all 3 (beginners luck!) Then we had a quick feed, then it was time to go and see the ACDC band. It was such good fun, the band were brilliant, you wouldn't have guessed that they weren't the real thing, Jason loved it!
The next day, we just went to the mall on the way home, we both got measured up for a new pair of runners at the Athletes foot. We thought it would be a good idea to get the best for our feet since we're doing so much running. We took them out for a test run this morning, and they were great.
Training is going really well, I ran 17.5km on Tuesday night, I don't think I'll run more than that in training again, otherwise I won't have a goal to complete the half on the actual day. It's only 3 weeks to go now. I had a bit of a panic last week, but after I acheived that distance, it made me feel a bit better. Although it did almost kill me! We've bought a supplement to help prevent muscle fatigue and we've got some sports drinks, so hopefully they'll help. Only trouble is at the moment I've got a black big toenail, I'm thinking it came from last week when we were doing sit ups at training, your partner stands on your feet, but I had a really big girl, and it really hurt. I'll have to be careful in future! I just hope it doesn't fall off or anything, I'd be gutted if I couldn't run for any reason.
So, today, I've got a bit of time to myself, Jason has gone to meet his cousin, so I decided to have a bit of time out. Not that I've done anything constructive, just ironing and stuff.

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