Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well I managed to find a lovely new dress for the Christmas party last week, well I actually bought it for Andy and Nicola's wedding in January, but you have to get your moneys worth! Had a great time at the Christmas party, we had a pretty late night, I was staying at my friend Liz's and bless her, she wanted to go home about 1am, but I managed to persuade her to stay out for a couple more hours...I tell you, once I start partying, it's very hard to make me go home if I'm having a good time! Needless to say, the next day I wasn't feeling too hot and when I got home Jason was a bit worse for wear too!!
We got through to the netball grand final, which we played today, unfortunately we lost 15-12. It was a really good game though, very close the whole way through, I was knackered after, it was the hardest I'd played a game.
I'm still not feeling very festive I must say, we've just put up the decorations at work, and it's helped a little bit. I'm sure that when we get back to the UK it'll be so much more Christmassy as they do tend to go over the top over there (which I love!) bring it on!!

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