Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been a while since I've sent an be honest, I keep forgetting!
Things as always have been busy, so hardly get any time to do anything. I've now joined the gym so I've been going there a fair bit...getting into the pilates...which is very hard!

Getting very excited about going back to the's only 7 weeks now, I can't believe it's coming around that quickly. I remember in February thinking that it'll be ages before I see everyone again...but now it's nearly here!!
I'm in the netball team at work which is going well, we are currently joint 2nd in the league, and I got voted player of the match for the last 2 good is that!! Although I did get quite angry in the last game as the goal keeper was a big woman, and she was in my face the whole game, I didn't stand much of a chance getting past her...but I did try my best!
I'm going to stay over at Sue's tonight, we're just going to have a catch up at home..I'm getting old, I'd much rather stay in than go to the pub! We're also booked to see Kylie in December, although I'm a bit annoyed now, I've found out that Pink concert tickets will be on sale this week and I think I would have preferred to see her this time...oh well!

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