Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been a busy few weeks that's for sure, I don't feel like I've had that much down time lately. We've been busy going to the shops, spending lots of money, catching up with friends, getting the place ship shape, plus I've had to prepare for my interview at work...yes, that's right, I had to have an interview in the end! It turns out that last thing on the closing day for applications, some bloomin woman in Brisbane decided to apply for my job, not happy I tell you. So anyway, after looking at her CV, my boss and HR decide that she had no experience, and that she wouldn't be a good candidate...which you'd think would be a good thing...but it meant I still had to have an interview, so that it wasn't seen as favouritism, so I had that last Tuesday. I must say I was a bit panicky as there was an external company there as well as my boss, but he prepared me pretty well, so the interview went as well as can be expected. I'm supposed to find out this week the outcome, there would have to be something extremely wrong for me to miss out on this one!! Watch this space!
The weather is warming up nicely now, it's funny that it goes straight from winter to 28 degrees, no in between. I went shopping on Saturday and bought some new summer clothes for work.
On Thursday night, we had our staff social club dinner at the Bavarian Bier Cafe, was great fun, I think I probably bored everyone with my reminiscing about Munich tho!! It was the type of do where you ask for a white wine and they end up giving you a bottle, so Crystal and I got through a fair few drinks. We wanted to go somewhere after, but all the other guys wanted to go home, and I was staying at one of their places, so I had to go back with Lizzie...I was grateful for that the next day tho, I felt bad enough without going out partying til all hours!
Saturday night Jase and went to a friends 30th birthday party, it had a 1920s theme, so we all dressed up, we looked pretty good, I'll put up some pics soon. We stayed over at Rach and Stu's so Jason didn't have to drive back, so the next day he hung around with them, and I went off to an underwear/clothes party back at Lizzie's. Sue came with me too, so we had a nice catch up...and a giggle about the clothes...they were a bit old fashioned to say the least, not our cup of tea! Got home about 7pm last night, and before we knew it, it was time for bed again.
Tomorrow night we are off to a media party for the Macdonald bros. I've never heard of them, but I've been told they were on the X Factor in the UK and they have supported Westlife. Apparently they are trying to make it big out here. Our friend that runs the Scottish newspaper got us invites, so it'll be interesting to see if there is anyone well known there!
Anyway, I'm just downloading some vids of my little nephew...who's getting bigger by the I'm off now.

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