Thursday, July 27, 2006

I know I keep going on about time, but really, I can't believe it's Thursday already, time seems to be going exceptionally fast since I've been back at work...and it's not because I'm having fun, that's for sure!! It's been a pretty busy week, I've been trying to sort out things for my residency application to New Zealand and also trying to look for flats (we've only got 2 weeks to find somewhere decent and I'm a bit worried). Tuesday night we went around to Sean's for dinner and did a photo slide show of our holiday pics...I hope we didn't bore him too much! Today I went out for lunch with my old work colleagues from another department, it was nice to finally catch up with them again. Tonight we've got a flat viewing, it looks really nice on the internet, it's a little bit more than we want to pay, but it's either that or moving somewhere not so nice. We'll see. I'm thinking about getting a kitten if we're allowed pets...we both really want to get a puppy, but we're both working and unless we get a garden at our new flat, it wouldn't really be fair on it. I've seen so many cute ones at the pet shop, it kills me to leave them there. We like the designer crosses, like cavoodles and beagliers, our immigration agent has just bought a cavoodle, Jason showed me some pics he took with his phone when he went around the other was sooo cute ;o)

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